Things to do when feeling uninspired

Just lately I‘ve been feeling very uninspired; peaceful and calm, but uninspired and I don’t know where this has come from either. It’s not as though I haven’t got anything I’m working towards or plans lined up, it’s just nothing I’ve seen has made me go ‘yes- I love that’! Usually I am inspired by a book, something prominent in a conversation, meeting a new person, a song, a picture- anything! But no, nothing.

This uninspiring dry season, is highly frustrating, and last night I’d had enough of this feeling and decided that I needed to do something to try and get some inspiration back into my life. And if like me, you experience this dry season, then these are some ways to try and get those creative juices flowing…


In the words of Hendrix music is my religion’ and praise the Lord for it! Music has the ability to alter your mood, transport you to another place, cry like Taylor Swift or shake it like a polaroid picture! But to try and get my mind working again with ideas, I listened to songs that hold strong good memories, as that can motivate you.

A walk;

Nothing us Brits find either more pointless or we pretend to love, is a good walk; walking to no destination, but we solider on. The reason I put walk instead of a run, is because well I don’t run. The paths too uneven, my boobs can’t handle the pressure, and then oh look it’s raining and now I can’t see where I’m going- it’s just a disaster waiting to happen! So I opt for a walk instead. It doesn’t even have to be for long, just some fresh air can really clear your mind and focus it on things other than work.

Reading (an informative book);

I love reading and at the moment am reading ‘Starter for Ten’ by David Nicholls, which is also a film so I discovered. But as much as I am enjoying this book, I need something to get me thinking, wondering and questioning– I need an informative book, and in times of need I refer to The Things That Nobody Knows’ by William Hartston. It’s basically a book filled with those questions you get at 1am, for example ‘Is telepathy possible?’. A great read in general, and even more so when you need some inspiration.

Mindfulness (either through mediating or colouring);

Mindfulness is really beneficial to get you to a place where you focus on what’s important- to a Zen place. The art of mediation can take some time in training the mind, so what’s also really beneficial is a mindfulness colouring book. They are very popular right now, as I’m sure your aware, and are extremely beneficial to your well-being- in taking time to focus on something and being immersed in something relaxing. I easily spent a couple of hours just colouring today. I move my phone away from me, or turn it off, so I’m not aware of the time or get distracted and just colour until I finish a page. It’s so relaxing and averts your attention away from life’s stresses and places you in the now.

What do you do when you need some inspiration?


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