June Favourites

Thought I would try this new thang and do a monthly favourites post, and share what I have been loving/lusting over this past month, as well as my highlights of the month…

The Beauty Edit…

  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream £5.50

Like most of you I’ve been lusting over NYX collection of Matte Lip Creams, and I’m so happy that they are now available in BOOTS! I’ve tried a few of them- the faves of course, being Amsterdam and Abu Dhabi, but my favourite newbie is number 19 Cannes. I love, love love this colour! But I love this lip cream anyway, especially because they are cruelty free. It’s such a lovely smooth texture, and it doesn’t crack over the day either. But if you want a specific colour, you best get in the shops quick! They are literally always sold out.


  • MARC JACOBS Decadence Perfume £49.00

If I could make love to a perfume it would be this one. I am so obsessed with this perfume! I remember the first time I smelled it was in duty free on the way to Amsterdam in March, and I knew then that I needed it! But since I was on the verge of being over the liquids anyway, and did not want to chuck anything away on the way there/back, I vowed, that once back, I would own it. I love the packaging as well, with it being in the design of a handbag, plus it comes it a gorgeous velvet green box- dreamy! It’s quite heavy though, so its not one you can throw in your bag, as it will weigh you down. It smells like heaven (only way I can describe it)just go and try it.


I only just started using powder, after watching 100% Hotter (yet again) and seeing what a difference a bit of powder made to someone’s make up; I knew I was missing a trick here! Then it got further confirmed when my friend came back from her skin match with No7 and she had purchased both the foundation and the powder, and that’s when I paid No7 a visit. I have been a big fan of No7 since last year, thanks to their skin match maker. I finally have a foundation that is perfect for my skin tone and I’m not mixing foundations, and also one that gives me the desired matte/natural look, as well as lasting all day– its a brand I trust, and they are in a happy medium price range. This powder investment was definitely needed! And now its one of the first things I put in my bag. It really helps in reducing shine, for me, particularly on my nose. It’s such an investment!



I wanted a bit of an outfit switch up the other week. I’ve always admired skater/midi skirts, but didn’t think I could pull them off. As I was going to the theatre and out for a meal for my Nan’s birthday, I thought this was a perfect occasion to try out this new feminine me, and I actually really loved the skirt! It’s great for skimming over your tummy (another food baby thanking piece), and is a great Spring/Summer piece (the non existent summer in the UK), and from going from day to night. I teamed this with a white bralet from BOOHOO £8 and these grey block heels from NEW LOOK £19.99, which are super comfy!


I love love love espadrilles!
They are great for running around in, and since its still a bit too chilly here in the UK to bare all with your toes, these are the perfect summer shoe! They go with pretty much everything! I wore them to the day at the races (more of that below), with jumpsuits, trousers, jeans- safe to say I’m getting a lot of wear out of them.


Since its still feels like Autumn here in the UK and I’ve packed my AW stuff away, which took me a good 2 hours to put it all away and there was no way I was tackling that again, I needed to invest in a cardigan! I’ve never really liked cardigan’s as well, they are sometimes a cross between a granny and a church girl. But I found this lovely oversized cardigan, which is great to just throw on, especially when your in a rush, which is the story of my life! It’s really comfy and an essential piece.

image1xxl (11)



As you know I am a stationary hoard, and I love a desk planner to jot my weekly doings down. I tend to buy mine from PAPERCHASE, as they always have fun prints and designs, and this time I opted for this London Underground one- how patriotic!


Again, another thing I cannot survive without- notepads. I would not know what I need to do daily, weekly, monthly, yearly without jotting stuff down all the time! I tend to buy mine from TK MAXX, and my current favourite is this Flamingo one. Flamingo inspired things are really big this summer, so its also down with the kids.


  • The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins

I already did a more in depth book review of this book on a post, but this was such a fantastic, engaging read and kept me alert and on my toes all the way through. A real page turner! I’d highly recommend reading this book and others by this wonderfully talented author!



  • Candle’s

Candles are a way of life, and I have a bad habit of buying candles anytime I see them. They make a place really homely and of course smell great. TK MAXX is my favourite place for home décor, and so naturally anytime I’m in there, I will come out with a minimum of 3 candles (oops). You can get some steal priced candles from TX MAXX and the packaging is always on point too. My new additions are these…

The Aromatherapy Co. Floral Infusion £7.00

So I’ve burnt this one a lot! But it smells so good! Clues in the name of the scent of it, but its such a musky, with a hint of floral scents mixed it- it’s divine!


Price’s Imperial Tea £4.00

I really like this one, and is a scent I don’t usually opt for. I tend to buy candles that have a musky smell or a floral smell and mixed together mmm it smells too good! But this one caught my eye with its unusual scent of green tea and bergamot, and its really uplifting and refreshing.



  • Let’s Eat Grandma ‘Eat Shiitake Mushrooms’

Okay so yes its the weirdest name ever for both the artist and song, but these girls are amazing! They’re only 17 from Norwich, and they’ve got such a transfixing, unique vibe about them. They’re so diverse and I like that they’re fun like a normal 17 year old- check them out…


TV Programmes…

I got my Netflix back, and I don’t even know why I got rid of it in the first place! But I’m so glad that I have it back! I don’t know how I’ve coped without it, and I’m so behind on so much stuff as well- damnit! Of course my obsession and programme I am dedicated to at the moment is Orange Is The New Black (no spoliers), which if you are a fan you’ll understand what I mean, and if you’ve never seen any of it- get on the hype!

June Highlights…

  • The Races

I went to my local races for one of my best friends birthday’s and although I didn’t really pay much attention to the actual races (as I found it distressing), we were able to sit on a grasssy area with a gazebo and picnic, with the option to watch the races if we wanted. It was such a lovely sunny day with friends I don’t always see often as well. We did have all these Welsh lads suddenly join us, which was fine for the first half an hour, and then got annoying! But overall it was a lovely, very fancy picnic basically.


  • New Job!

WAHOO! Got made permanent! My situation since leaving uni has been all over the place! I’ve done such an assortment of jobs! I was planning on going to work in Africa for a bit as part of a scheme, but they somehow managed to lose everything, and mess everything up, resulting in me not being able to go. So my plan of studying further to become a Health Promotion Specialist and getting a job which was more flexible got brought forward significantly. However, it’s been a blessing in disguise, as well I’ll be a health promoter sooner. Africa I will come one day ❤


  • Hopfest

This is a local festival, which was my first year going and I will definitely be going again! It was so good to support and see local bands playing, as well as having a great time getting merry with my friends. I didn’t rain either which was a miracle!


  • Kind gestures from my friends (post op cards, meals- just general loveliness)

Some of you may be aware that I had an operation not to long ago, and I feel very blessed to have the friends I do, who sent me cards, messages, came round to see me, cooked food and were just generally lovely and caring. Shout out to the gang!


  • Spa Day

I went for a much needed spa break with my mum and had my first facial. My mum recommended it as I think she was fed up of me banging on about my skin troubles. It was so relaxing and I’m pretty sure I dozed off, but the beautician was so lovely. She told me about my problem areas (which was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be), she told me to focus on my chin and forehead, as they are the driest parts on my face, and my dark circles aren’t that bad (phew!). Whilst I was finishing up with the facial and had a cleansing mask on, I also had an intensive deep foot and leg massage. Although I’m really ticklish, so I was trying not to laugh or kick my feet, but my legs and feet feel so soft and smooth. It was a really nice thing to just relax and unwind and spend some time with my Mum.

I hope you liked this months favourites post, and remember…

‘There’s always something to smile about’

Featured Image: https://www.etsy.com/listing/252860012/copper-foil-print-its-the-little-things?ref=shop_home_active_18&crlt.pid=camp.FOyGpEhJidCC


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