Can We Calm Down The Contouring!

I love make up as much as the next person, and will experiment with make up (although some I regret, such as my blue eye shadow phase)– but just where do we draw the line between creation and perfection?

I was watching this programme called ‘100% Hotter’ (which is fab by the way) and I noticed that the vast majority of people going on this show were caked in make up, because they didn’t like themselves without it. One girl said her boyfriend of 3 years has never seen her without hair extensions or make up- madness! To me this is both sad and concerning; in the sense that some have been so deeply affected by the carefully constructed and distorted images, adverts and magazines and celebrity lifestyles, that there is a want, and indeed a need, to alter and tweak pretty much everything about ourselves and hide the real us.

Like I said, I am not adverse to trying new make up techniques, and contouring has been one of them, but now we need to calm down!

As I was scrolling through Pinterest, whilst writing this post, and as I flicked through Cosmopolitan, a new contouring arrived in town- ‘How to contour your collar bone’excuse me!? Why on earth would you need to contour your collar bone?!

The point of contouring is to define features, but why would you want to contour your collar bone, especially as the make up will end up all over your clothes anyway! Oh but then it got worse (didn’t think it were possible)‘How to contour your breasts.’ Everybody stop!

I like contouring (for my face) and am glad there are some quick and easy ways to do it now. My favourites being…

TOPSHOP Contour Wand £12 


CLINQUE Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour £19


But we need to learn to love ourselves and stop trying to ‘perfect’ ourselves looks wise. You’re all beautiful, unique people and comparing yourself to Kim Kardashian, isn’t beneficial. Plus why would you want to look plastic anyway? (I’ll save that rant for another day- but please ladies aspire to be more Angelina Jolie than Kimmy K).

There’s nothing wrong with contouring,there’s nothing wrong with make up. But there is something very wrong in being afraid to go out without make up and a fear of not looking ‘perfect’.

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