It’s Okay to Cry

Us Brits are a bit of an odd bunch when it comes to us sharing emotion- we hold everything in. But as a society that has been conditioned to ‘keep calm and carry on’, I’m saying that it’s okay to cry.

Life is the most wonderful, crazy and unexpected journey that you are embarking on, and there’s good and bad round every corner. But holding in our emotion is achieving what exactly? We don’t have to put on a brave face all the time. If your upset you can cry in front of your friends.

Emotion is normal and is part of what makes us human, so, okay lets not turn into a nation full of cry babies; but lets also start to accept that crying is normal and healthy. It shouldn’t be a thing we only do A) when drunk or B) alone. Us Brits seem to act like we don’t know why we are crying and say things like “I feel stupid for crying”, when it’s not stupid; you have felt something.

Whether your crying through joy or pain; don’t be afraid to cry.


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