Finding the Good In Everything

As the news flashed up on my T.V with yet more bad news and as I joined the commuters looking gloomy because of the rain and train delays (they are annoying), I decided then that I didn’t want to join the faces of miserable commuters, and that I would endeavour more in finding the good in everything.

It saddens me that in this day and age that there are still stigmas, there are still narrow minded people, there are still killers; there is still hate. Have we not learnt anything from the past? So in a world full of doom and gloom, I’m not saying to ignore it- be compassionate, but also lets focus on the good in things. Life is dull without laughter and joy and a day without laughter is wasted. For some reason adulthood is associated with boring, and it shouldn’t be the case. Yes we may have more responsibilities, may have different dreams and instead of saving up for some new shoes, its now saving up for a new car- but I feel people have lost the understanding of the word life and what it means to live.

Life is about experiences, about making memories and most of all enjoying yourself! I’ve just recently accepted a permanent role at a place I have been temping at for the past few months as a Jewellery Photographer (lol) and Administrator, and what I love the most about this company is their flexibility. They know that people are not born to work, we work to live, so much so that you can leave informing the manager that you’re going on holiday 72 hours before you actually go! Holiday is ridiculously generous and most importantly, its a nice job with great people. Here is a company that are doing it right. They make you feel appreciated and a valued member of staff, but at the same time, they allow you to live your life. No emails at god knows what time in the morning, no lecture if your late because of a train delay, no cancelling of holidays because its too short notice- they want you to live!

But finding the good in everything is a process and it starts from within; it starts with you. It starts with not comparing yourself to others, it starts with you thinking of ideas and making plans for things you want to do and going to actually do them.

The other day I thought I would really love to be able to speak French, so I’m now doing an online French course (Paris je viens ici). I wanted to re-learn ballet, so enrolled in an adults ballet class. I wrote a list of the places I want to visit and pretty much have my travel plans sorted until I’m 30! By being proactive and actually ticking things off your list that you want to do- you begin to enjoy life more. Material things will never compare to experiences, making memories and adding fulfilment and joy to your life will.

Lets start to love life again- lets start living!

My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the Orlando shooting.

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