Make you feel better

Being ill and having an operation has resulted in me feeling sluggish and feeling sorry for myself, so I thought I would do a post about the ways to improve your mood– both body and mind- for whatever your going through. You could be over worked, stressed, gone through a break up or been ill and need some TLC to make you feel yourself again, and here are some of the ways to instantly improve your mood…

A nice bubbly bath…

I’m not a big bath fan, but sometimes you just need one, especially when you’re really achy everywhere- only a bath will do. I’ve finally managed to get the temperature just right in the bath as well, so that makes it much more enjoyable now! I love a really bubbly bath and will use Imperial Leather Classic Cream Bath £1.99, as it gives such a foamy and bubbly bath (how many times can I say bubbly?!). I also really love LUSH bath bombs, they are the best! I don’t tend to buy them regularly, mainly because I don’t have baths often enough, but my favourites are Space Girl and Tisty Tosty. They’re inexpensive, Vegan and Vegetarian friendly and make you smell amazing!

Whilst having a bath, I also like to fully relax and have some ‘me time’. I will light some candles around the outside of the bath, and use a face mask. My favourite at the moment is this Hydrating Face Mask with Vitamin E from Superdrug £2.59. It’s so much lighter than other facial masks and you wont’ scare everyone off with having a purple face, as it is more like a moisturiser. As well, you won’t be left with a stiff face and start cracking- leave this product on for around 10-15 minutes and it will come off as easily as it went on. The result? Lovely, smooth, hydrated skin. I tend to get in the bath first to let the steam open up my pores, before putting this product on.

What I also really love, which is great for reducing puffy eyes, are these Stay Cool Cucumber Eye Pads from Dirty Works £4.00. These are so cooling and refreshing for the eyes, and you only need them on for around 3-5 minutes. For someone who suffers with dark circles, putting these one once a week really benefits my eyes and reduces the darkness. P.S. Also handy the morning after a night out- You’re welcome!

And whilst your pampering yourself, you may as well have a glass of wine!

Getting your nails done…

There is nothing worse when your feeling rough and grim, when you look at your nails and they are chapped and chipped. That immediately puts me in a worse mood. So to lift your mood go to your local nail salon and get a manicure or pedicure (or both), for an instant mood booster. Or go all out and go to the spa for a treatment. You may have to book in advance, but spa days are a great way to relax and feel refreshed, and also make a nice day out with the girls.

If you don’t really have the time or funds to spend money on the Spa or at Nail Salons, then invite your friends round and have a pamper night. Or even something simple, such as buying a new nail varnish, can just be that little pick me up in the route towards feeling good about yourself.


New lipstick…

A good new lipstick really can make you feel better about yourself- it has powers! Even if you don’t feel like wearing much make up, a new lipstick can make you feel on point. My favourites are…

Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in ‘Sultry’

Maybelline Color Sensational Matte in ‘Nude Embrace 930′

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche in ‘Eva’s Pure Red’


New Outfit…

  • Now I’m talking about sitting on your laptop and bulk buying stuff you don’t need from ASOS, I’m talking about that new piece in your wardrobe that still hasn’t seen the light of day, something you completely forgot you had, your favourite outfit- wear something that you feel comfortable in, but still feel good. 

    I recently purchased these Tan Espadrilles from BOOHOO £18, and new shoes always make me feel good.



  • Depending on what your going through or how your feeling you may want to do a high intensity class such as Spin or a calming one which focuses your mind such as yoga. Boxing is also one of my favourites, especially if you are frustrated about something. But if you’ve been ill, then just head for the sauna- bliss!

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Clean space, clean mind and fresh covers…

  • Who doesn’t love the feeling of slipping into fresh covers with bare, shaven legs- it really is a little piece of heaven! An instant mood booster

  • Although your room is supposed to be a tranquil space, often it becomes a dumping ground. When you’re feeling a bit under the weather, the last thing you want to do is to go into a bedroom where you can’t see the bed or the floor. Instead, try to put stuff away and keep that space tranquil and relaxing where you enjoy spending time. Another good tip is to light some candles and burn some incense, it really helps in creating a relaxing environment and also it just makes your room smell amazing!



  • Water is a cure for everything, and keeping hydrated is important all the time, but when you’re feeling under the weather you may be sleeping a lot more and then reach for the juice instead. But water is the answer. And when you’re feeling a bit down, family will offer you endless cups of tea, but remember to get some water in there somewhere.


Above all else you just need your friends (and maybe some chocolate)

– Of course, your friends are the best mood boosting people there are, so make time to see them, even if you don’t feel 100%, they’ll be there for you. Oh and get some chocolate in there too.


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