Review of Lancome Énergie de Vie

For the past month I’ve been incorporating some of the Lancome Énergie de Vie products into my daily facial routine. It can sometimes be a bit annoying and time consuming to add yet another cream, oil or serum to your daily routine, but these are now essential to my daily facial routine.

The Wake Up Lotion…

So naturally, I used this in my morning facial routine- in between my foam wash and just before I moisturised– and have really noticed a brightness in my skin. In the morning, no matter how cleansed your skin, it can still lack in brightness. My skin tone is uneven anyway, and I’ve tried and tested many products to help restore brightness, but they normally turn out to be expensive and not very impressive. But this one is a miracle in a bottle! I just pat this over my face and let it sink in and over a week my skin looked noticeably brighter, so much so that I went without make up a couple of the days! It really brightens your skin and makes you look energised for the day. It’s also at a happy medium price and is definitely worth the money.

Énergie de Vie Pearly Wake-up Lotion £28

The Sleeping Mask…

Now I know I’m only 22, so you may be thinking why on earth am I wearing night lotions anyway. But one of my best friends mum started to put night creams on from this age and her skin is amazing! She is my skinspiration, so it’s all worth it. Again I’ve tried and tested my fair share of overnight creams, with my favourite being Aldi’s Lacura Expert Night Cream at a steal of £3.99. But the Lancome Sleeping Mask, quickly moved to number one after just one use. It’s such a light and more gel like textured, but my skin really absorbed it so quickly, that it didn’t feel like I had a cream on my face. I find that with some over night creams, that they can be quite heavy and your can feel them on your face, and you feel a bit slimy too. It’s really hydrating for the skin and you don’t need a lot to get the full benefits of this product. It’s a bit more than I would typically pay, but if you just get one thing- get this! It really has transformed my skin in brightening it, making it softer and keeping it hydrated.

Énergie de Vie Sleeping Mask £42

If your interested in trying out any of these products before you buy, get your free sample pack from Lancome- search #madewithenergy and see the results for yourself.


Hope you liked this review and have a great day 🙂


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