There are far too many words that are used without people recognising their meaning these days, with ‘slut’ being one of them. Of course there are others which are deeply offensive, yet they seem to roll off the tip of the tongue.

But why is it, that in a generation where empowerment and gender equality is on a huge scale, that these words have made their through to be the socially accepted words to use?

In reference to ‘slut’ in particular; there seems to still be, a lot of posts ‘slut shaming’ women for their outfit choices. Something is a bit too short, too leggy, too much boob is on show- well close your eyes then, problem solved! Looking hot to trot is not an issue and neither is having sex.

I feel like Samantha in Sex and the City 2 in Abu Dhabii screaming ‘yes condoms, I have sex!’ because how does sex equal slut for a woman, but not for a man?

With all these words, it may be due to the context in which they are said and who said it. I mean my friends using these words wouldn’t offend me, as they are my friends- they are joking around. But a complete stranger calling you a bitch or a slut, or whatever- and it’s not nice.

I know these words won’t disappear, but as a generation with a younger generation looking up to us- are we raising kids to think its okay to use these words? Are we forgetting the meaning of words and just batting them around?

I’m very honest in how I say things, and sometimes honesty isn’t always the best policy (I say that through gritted teeth).

As the saying goes ‘look before you leap’ and before we blurt out something we resent a few minutes later, lets choose our words wisely, as it will make for happier and healthier interactions and conversations.


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