Polygamy is the new Monogamy

Dating in this day and age is a minefield. It’s requires skill, discipline, determination and most of all- flexibility.

Whilst I was reading Cosmopolitan the other day, there was a whole section exploring polygamous relationships, ‘Three Isn’t A Crowd’ by Dolly Alderton, and when I thought about it, most ‘relationships’ are now polygamous. How many of you are guilty of, after a date, going back onto a dating app and checking other people’s profiles? Or worse, doing it whilst they’ve gone to the toilet! I went on one date, wasn’t really feeling it, and then met someone else after (sorry)!

When it comes to dating we can’t be monogamous. There is too much choice available, so much so that we want it all. We like 5 qualities from candidate number 1, but 3 from candidate number 2 and 7 from candidate from number 3- so we may as well date them all!

But what happens when you get in a relationship with one of them? Well I would hope that they would stay loyal, but sometimes this is not the case. If I’ve been on 3 dates with one person (that’s my benchmark) then I will stop talking to anyone else or meeting up with anyone else, and of course in a relationship, they’re the only guy I’m interested in. But there are quite a few who want the best of both worlds still, where they want the relationship, but also want to be free; commitment is feared.

.So as I was reading this Cosmopolitan post about fluid relationships, where two girls were going out with the same guy and they knew that and were out as a three; although a bit odd, I thought- is this the way forward? What if we were able to date two people at the same time and everyone involved was fine with it? Would cheating and game playing be out the window? Or would a new type of jealousy emerge and what if one person got more attention then the other? I don’t know how I personally would feel about it if it happened to me. It could be wonderful or it could tragic.

These questions need answers, but as the world of dating gets more and more complex- this may become the norm and polygamy may be the future. And if I’m ever in a polygamous relationship, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Featured Image: http://teachingliteracy.tumblr.com/page/72

Dolly Alderton Blog: http://www.dollyalderton.com/


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