Au Natural

Our hair goes through a lot. The natural elements of the weather; wind, rain, sun. The heat from straighteners and hair-dryers, the pulling and tweaking, the dying, the poor experimental stages with obscure ideas- it’s been through a lot! And as someone with a natural afro, I have tortured my hair over the years.

Growing up I remember the weekly deep condition and comb through, where I put my favourite film on, had my favourite snacks and yelped every few seconds as my mum or my auntie combed my hair to get the knots out. And the result? Lovely moisturised curls. But as I got older, I began to despise my hair and wanted it straight and had it relaxed and weaves for around 5 years. But my hair looked lifeless and was so dry. It was constantly falling out, and what also hadn’t helped was the fact that I managed to catch my hair alight and was waiting for part of it to regrow, resulting in me having to wear wigs for a while.

And whilst all this was going on and I left my hair alone to recover, it grew back healthier and stronger and shinier and that’s when I went back to natural.

The transition from going from straight to natural is a hard one and I had to learn a whole new process to look after my hair again, whilst playing around with different styles and styling products. But after two years of being natural, my hair has no split ends, I enjoy going to the hairdresser, my hair is softer, healthier and finally I love my hair! When it gets to summer and the humidity sets in, I debate as to whether or not to relax it for the duration of summer, but that’s what head scarves are for. To help me in my decision in going natural I created a Pinterest board, simply called natural, and it made me want it myself. I’ve always really been inspired by woman with their natural afros, and wanted that confidence to be able to pull it off, and now I’m one of them who are proud of their curls.

If your a newbie to having your hair natural or still debating, I’ve listed the products I use for my hair…

Daily Hair Care;

  • Palmers Strong Roots Spray with Vitamin E £3.49

I use this morning and night and its really good for reliving any tightness, particularly if you’ve had your hair up all day. I separate my hair either with my hands or with a wide tooth comb, and spray onto my scalp, massaging the product into my hair, and round the hairline of my hair. This is really refreshing for the hair and soothing for the scalp, and also smells great too!


  • Tommy Guns ‘Leave me in’ Conditioner and Styling Creme £6.50

I’ve tried and tested my fair share of daily conditioning products, but this one is by far my favourite and the best for me. I was initially attracted by the packaging and the ginger and green tea smell to it, but it is such a great product that I use after applying the Coconut Spray. Leaving my hair in sections I will smooth this product over my hair, whilst twisting my hair as well, to enhance my curls. This product really softens your hair, and even if you haven’t used it for a day, your hair will still feel really soft. It also contains thermal and UV protection, so will really protect your hair. Again I use this product morning and night using the same method.


  • Umberto Giannini Frizzi Serum £6.00

This is best serum I have found, as its not too oily as opposed to others and a little goes a long way. I apply this product to ends of my hair and around my hairline, and if my hair is up, then I will apply it to the top of my hair as well. It’s great for holding your hair in place and giving it that extra bit of protection.


  • Vaseline £2.00

This really is the holy grail of products and has so many uses that I don’t know what I’d do without it! I use Vaseline around my hairline to hold my hair in place, particularly when it’s up.


For the evening, the only extra thing I do is twist and wrap my hair in a headscarf, and I love ones that are fun in print. I tend to buy mine from TamiahDesigns Etsy Page. They are really great quality head scarves, great price and quick delivery.

Washing my hair;

  • Palmers Shea Formula Curl Repair Moisture Shampoo £6.99

This product is really great for whether you are already natural or are transitioning to natural hair. It really helps with breakage and in making it shinier. It has really effective ingredients in the product, such as…

Shea butter, to help with repair and keep hair moisturised

Vitamin E, to help protect hair from damage and

Grapeseed Oil to help reduce breakage and strengthen hair


  • Natural World Coconut Water Hydration and Shine Conditioner £4.99

This is really hydrating product for the hair, and is great for helping getting any knots out of your hair. After shampooing my hair I will use this product, along with my wide tooth comb, to get rid of knots, before washing it out.


Whether your already natural or unsure whether to go natural, or want to stick with your hair as it is- love your hair and look after it 🙂


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