“You don’t look like you’d all be friends”

When a group of age 15/16 girls walk past, most of them in the group are dressed head to toe in the same attire; picture this… light blue skinny jeans, high neck white crop top and some Stan Smith Adidas Trainers. And when I think back to when I was that age (which is ages ago now) not one of me or my friends owned or wore the same thing, and the same rings true now. And do you know what- I love that!

We all know each other’s style off by heart, and if we are shopping can easily pick something out for each other, but we wouldn’t necessarily wear it ourselves. Getting ready for a night out, we’ll all rock up in something completely different and there has never been the fear of wearing the same outfit. If we do really like something one of us has, we borrow it. We’re going to a local Races event soon, and I know that none of us are going to be wearing anything remotely similar and that’s what I love about my girls; is that their style reflects them and their personality. They are all experimental with their outfits, I don’t think anyone of us owns a head to toe camel coloured outfit; we have fun with fashion.

Seeing us all together, we have had the odd comment that we don’t look like we would all be friends, a bit of a back handed compliment, but what they are saying is, is that although we don’t look like a typical girl friendship group, we work well together. And that’s a strong friendship group and big squad goals     (yup I just typed squad goals).

I have the greatest friends I could ever wish for, and I love that our differences are what make us, us.

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