Photo Ready!

Whenever a group picture is about to be taken, everyone shuffles into their desired position to get their good angle. I’m guilty to it, my good side makes me feel like Beyonce, a picture on my bad side and Stevie Wonder is that you? But have we now become a generation obsessed with selfies, to the point that we need to be photo ready 24/7?

I am one of the rare species that doesn’t have Snapchat- shock, horror and outrage (this is because my phone sucks). But is it because of apps, such as, Snapchat and the ability to share something so quickly, that there is a greater need to be photo ready? In a few seconds, a picture or video of you could be out for all the contacts in your Snapchat to see. We hold the ability, to tweak, edit and filter our pictures and our lives, to reach Instagrammable level. Everybody wants those Instagrammable pictures and moments to share, and yes although I am a big lover of Instagram and post regularly, has it now made us self obsessed? Do we fret more over how we look for a picture, as opposed to living in the moment? Do we care more about how we portray ourself on social media, as opposed to how we are in person? And is it because, its so much more than a picture; it reveals so much more than some friends at a bar- it reveals a lifestyle.

So if we are not on point, eyebrows on fleek’ what does that say about us? It’s unrealistic for someone to look that together and almost wax like all the time, and its no wonder why people are shocked when they see the contour queen with bare minimal make up and think she must be ill or something. Of course, everyone should feel comfortable in their skin and love themselves, but there is a thin line between dressing for you and dressing for the world. Again, we cannot ignore the ever growing internet persona’s we’ve crafted, by filtering, editing and tweaking images- and ourselves- to mould our life into the lifestyle we want to display.

But what we can do, is accept that although your make up looked flawless this morning, after getting caught in the rain, it’s not going to look as good and that’s okay. That a picture of you doing something embarrassing or being caught on your bad side isn’t the end of the world. The one hair out of place isn’t a crime, and people commenting on things mentioning the hair out of place or the fact there may be a little stain on your top and being negative about it is pathetic. It’s a miracle if I make it through a day without getting something down me, (and that’s called being clumsy), but that’s also called living.

So instead of fretting over being photo ready, of acting and looking perfect, lets focus on enjoying ourselves and making memories.

Let’s focus on living!

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