‘What do we want?’- we don’t know!

Isn’t kind of strange that we all (yes all), have created this ideal dream boy/girl that we end up with? And then we get really frustrated, when we can’t find this imaginary person. This may be partly due to the fact that they do not exist.

My ideal dream guy would the toughness of Idris Elba, the funniness of Seth Rogan- actually Seth Rogan would do period-, the classic ‘tall, dark and handsome’, who gets my sarcasm, smart but not a know it all, relaxed, calm, but can be a knob when needed… THE LIST NEVER ENDS! It is spiralling out of control, and when I think about it- do we actually know what we want?

I don’t think anyone ever ends up with their ideal partner, they fall for someone unlikely, maybe someone who is different to them, and its refreshing and they balance each other out. I mean being complete polar opposites on interests, views etc. is never going to work, but whereas you may get stressed over something that they can calmly resolve- that’s a good balance and that may become your new ideal.

What with all the dating apps there are these days, we are spoiled for choice, and it is making us extremely picky, when the truth is we don’t know what we want! Has anyone ever dating two or more people at once, narrowed it down to the one, then decided that actually candidate number two was better, before immediately regretting your decision? Shamefully guilty of that! Lesson learnt- the grass isn’t always greener.

In a world obsessed with dating apps, and dating in general; go in with an open mind. They may only tick 3 out of the 50 nitty gritty criteria, but they may capture your attention in a way you couldn’t imagine.

Give love a chance

And when do we want it? Whenever…

Featured Image: http://diabetesdad.org/tag/what-do-you-want-what-do-you-need/


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