SS/16 Work Wear

The daily morning routine is to peak through the blinds, check the weather on my phone and sigh. Real feel 12 degrees, lows of 4 , highs of 22- HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DRESS?!

Life seemed a whole lot easier having a school or work uniform, and I wanted out from day one (you get what you wish for). But with both the indecisiveness of both the weather and myself, I’ve got my no fail go to Spring/Summer Work Wear Essentials to see me through…

  • Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are versatile for every season, but with spring, I feel you can play around a bit more with colours. Dusty pink is one of my favourite colours at the moment (I keep saying this even though I own two dusty pink things- better than none I guess), so I love this dusty pink skirt from RIVER ISLAND. It’s a pencil skirt, so still looks smart for an office look, I also love the belt tie on this skirt, and feel it is really easy to style. I also really love this orange pleated midi skirt from NEW LOOK. It would look great with some trainers, such as these from ZARA, as well as with heels. Again, top wise, really easy to style with, by keeping it basic with either white or black tees, and also grey with the pink skirt.


Tricolour Sneakers, ZARA £39.99

  • Ballet Pumps

I love ballet pumps, I feel like I’m reliving my childhood, plus they make an outfit look nice and feminine. They look great with jeans, skirts, dresses- anything really! What I also love about them, is that they very easily can go from work to drinks, as they are smart for the workplace, but fun enough for a night out. My favourite higher end ones are these STEVE MADDEN ones at £69, but if your a savvy bargain hunter, these ballet pumps from NEW LOOK, which are a bit less glitzy and Christmas inspired.

image1xxl (3)



NEW LOOK Lace up Ballet Shoes £17.99

  • Smart Sandals

If you want to let your feet breathe a bit, smart sandals are good call. Like most, I have a love/hate relationship with heels, they can either be comfy and make you feel great, or you can be in agony in 5 minutes and regretting your life choices. It amazes how I managed to survive in some of the heels I owned! Now comfort always over rules, and instead of staggering around in stilettos, a block heel is the greatest invention on earth! My favourites are these nude block heeled sandals from OFFICE, and they come in a variety of colours too. If your more of a flat shoe lover, or can get away with wearing full on sandals to work, then these chunky espadrille sandals from MANGO, are a winner.


OFFICE Block Heel Sandals £68

image1xxl (4)

MANGO Sandals £39.99

  • Suits

Suits are a classic work look, and I love how they have changed over time to not look so corporate and boring (yawn), and are now fun and empowering. My favourite is this premium longline suit from ASOS. I love the rust colour of it and the tie detail, as opposed to leaving a blazer open or doing up buttons, and if your top heavy, like myself, it never looks good! Again the colour of this celebrates spring, and a shift away from the blacks and burgundys of winter.

image1xxl (5)

ASOS Premium Suit £55

  • Bell Sleeve Top

I love how light these tops are, and if there’s a bit of a chill, but it’s sunny, it’s a great in between top. If you go out in a tight long sleeved top, by lunch time, you are on your 10th round of body spray and deodorant as the fear of the sweat sinks in. But a bell sleeve top, its a happy medium, plus they go with pretty much EVERYTHING! My favourite is this bell sleeve top from TOPSHOP.


TOPSHOP Bell Sleeve Blouse £35

  • Eyes on you bag

I’m loving the fun bags that are around now a days! In a world full of camel, tight clothes and wannabe Kardashians, it’s nice that there are designers who are still making fashion fun! It can add more fun to your outfit- (okay maybe don’t take it to a board meeting), but at least it adds a bit of fun to the dull morning commute. I love this All Eyes clutch/shoulder bag from ASOS Marketplace, and this SKINNY DIP Seashell shoulder bag from SELFRIDGES.


All Eyes Clutch/Shoulder Bag, ASOS MARKETPLACE £29

I hope your enjoying your Sunday and feel a bit inspired for your work outfit tomorrow 🙂

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