Laid back and Lazy

Since January I have been with a guy who I liked and adored very much, then out of the blue, he breaks up with me. But this is the best bit, as he broke up with me because I am too laid back. (what?!)

Since the dawn of time, being laid back is a blessing to most. No 3am phone calls, no stupid pointless messages throughout the day, no jealousy over a girl talking to your guy. But for this particular guy- he wanted that and was annoyed that I wasn’t constantly ringing him nor was jealous when other girls were talking to him- is the world okay?!

My snail’s trail of boyfriends would all agree on the fact that I am stubborn, sarcastic and brutally honest as my bad traits, and yeah okay I’ll agree, but not that I’m laid back! Oh but then there was more; he then didn’t like that I was spontaneous. For those of you who know me, I am painfully organised. I’ve got a notepad of things I need to do daily, things to do for the week, my diary, a desk planner and my newest edition- near future book, as well as all my wonderful post it notes. (Okay I just really like stationary), but I am super organised, at work, my room, but my life, well that’s not so organised. I have a memory of a sieve, so if I didn’t write these things down, well I’d forget and spend most of my time scratching my head, standing in a room wondering why am I here? But when it comes to making plans to meet up, I can’t really plan something to do (unless I need to book in advance), I just turn up and decide on the day. Clearly I’m dating the wrong kind of people, if they are going to get annoyed with my laid back, spontaneous, chilled nature.

But that’s why I can’t see why it is such a problem- there is a big difference between being laid back and being lazy. I’d call myself a hard worker, and aim to meet targets, exceed targets at work etc. but I am not going to stress over things. The only things that really stress me out is when technology doesn’t work and I have no idea how to fix it apart from hitting it (never works). If I were lazy, sleeping in til noon, no ambition or drive, wanted to spend all my time in front of the TV, I would get why that would be annoying. But being laid back, yet passionate and determined in life; didn’t know it was on the list of The Ten Ugliest Traits.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d rather have someone message me to say “Have a good night with your friends” and leave me to it, than ring me 50 times and send pointless “Hellooooo’s” and a bunch of question marks.

Are lazy and laid back the same thing? Or do guys take my laid back approach as a sign that I don’t care? Oh dating and its complications continue…

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