The Great British Spring/Summer Survival Kit

Here in the UK, the slightest bit of sun we see, and us Brits go mad for it- cue pot belly men going topless, shorts when its raining and the grand old tradition of socks and sandals (in case your toes get a bit chilly-grim!).

Every year its the season that I have a love/hate relationship with and spend the most time in a flap over outfits every day! To help I’ve devised the 6 key pieces that means you can’t go wrong when it comes to having an everlasting flawless Spring/Summer collection.

  1. A Trench Coat

Even though the temperature says its going to be highs of 24 with low chance of rain, you can’t take your chances in the UK, so a good lightweight trench coat is a must. I love the classic colour of camel for a trench coat, but you can mix it up and play around, but remember AVOID BLACK! You may love the colour in winter, but black is not your friend in spring/summer.

My favourites are…

  1. A Suede Jacket

For that cool transition from sitting around in the sun to taking a stroll in the cool air, a suede jacket is great to just take the chill off. Plus they look great to add a bit of an extra smart/causal look to an outfit- great if your going from day to night…

My favourites…

  1. A Good Pair of Sandals

Cheap sandals are not your friend, even if they are a bargain. Actually cheap shoes in general are not your friend, unless you want to end up with blisters and plasters covering every toe! Be as picky as your shoes as you are with men (the motto). I’ve got a few pair of sandals for different things.

My throw on ones if I’m in a rush are my Birkenstock inspired HM Sandals– these are great if I’m popping out somewhere, and for that effortless look (even if it took you over an hour to get ready, no one will ever know).

My long day out ones are these fun polka dot sandals from ASOS. I like the added height they add, as well as a bit of fun to your feet.

My favourites…

  1. Baggy Trousers

The worst thing in the world is being in something that is tight and uncomfortable. I have a love/hate relationship with maxi dresses, as they can either make you look pregnant, show off your good bits, reveal your bad bits or just restrict you. I’ve found contentment with this maxi dress, and I think ones with slits in them, not only add a bit of edge to an outfit, but prevent that awkward restricted penguin walk, that tends to happen. But as a trouser lover anyway, I love love love baggy trousers.

There are so many fun prints out there as well, that all you need is a plain white tee to go with them. They are easy to dress up for an evening as well, by adding a navy camisole (and maybe that suede jacket) teamed with some courts- voila!

  1. Rucksack 

Who wants to be lugging around a massive tote all day in 24 degree heat ( no one raise your hand). I’m not a fan of a big handbag in the bleak midwinter, let alone in the heat of summer, so I always opt for a rucksack. I love rucksacks, and they are great news for your back too! For work I opt for a structured rucksack to give myself a more professional look. For long days out, where I need a lot of things, a classic canvas rucksack is best. And for the weekend, a light rucksack

6. Sun cream and Moisturiser

You don’t want to be repping these outfits with a lobster red sunburn?! Sun cream and moisturiser are your best friends through every season, and your skin will thank you for it. I can’t get enough of my lotions and potions, and these are some tried products that I love and have in my life and daily routine…

Nivea in shower moisturiser– do your thing in the shower, rub this all over your body and your good to go!

Nivea factor 50 mist sun cream– this is so light on your skin and doesn’t need an endless cycle of rubbing in, also it is compact enough to fit in your bag. I tend to spray this all over my body, just before I’m leaving the house

Evian mist-such a great hydrator for the skin. My skin looked noticeably brighter and healthier after using it daily for a week. Another great thing to slip in your handbag!

Toning spray with vitamin E– This adds an extra tightness and firmness to your face, as well as being really cooling on the skin. For that extra coolness, I tend to leave this product in the fridge and it’s a gorgeous refreshing and awaking spray in the morning.

Baylis and Harding body mist– I had this for a gift for my birthday and it is my new found love! It’s got a light elderflower scent to it, which I found really appealing, as a lot of body sprays and perfumes are too overpowering for the summer, when smells of sweat and deodorant are high! It’s very subtle, yet refreshing- far more refreshing than body spray. (Sorry couldn’t find a link for it, so this is my second favourite)

The most important thing is to be comfortable and have fun with your outfits 🙂


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