Why I’m a Pescatarian

This time last year I was flagging as a vegetarian and had mad cravings for some nuggets, but through my ups and downs with being veggie and not, I have finally found home in being a pescatarian.

I’ve always been a huge animal lover and cared for animals welfare since a young age. I remember at 7 years old refusing to eat pork as pigs were my favourite animals and I always check the labels of beauty products to make sure that they are against animal testing. So the one day, as I was tucking into a not very nice meat filled breakfast, I thought ‘this is actually disgusting’. And there it was, that sickening feeling of eating an animal.

I no longer look at meat and think its some food, I look at meat and think, that was a cow, did the cow have a good life, what were its living conditions like and I cannot eat a cow. I feel sick both physically and emotionally to eat meat. Back in the day, I think becoming a vegetarian was daunting and only for ‘those hippy folks’, but society has grown to accommodate for a wide range of dietary preferences and needs- you can now survive as a vegetarian and not just be presented with a pile of leaves.

But from my 9 months of being a vegetarian, to then going back to eating some meat (where I had to know the ins and outs of the animals life- mad woman alert), I have now comfortably settled into being a pescatarian.

I suffer with Vitamin D deficiency, which doesn’t sound very dramatic at all, but without the right nutrition, it can really affect my body. Just one day without taking my tablets, or eating fish or eggs, and my joints ache, they seize up and I’m like a little old lady. Vitamin D deficiency is typically known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ which basically means that I’m not getting enough sun- so if anyone wants to go on holiday to Spain any time, let me know! What also doesn’t help is that I am allergic to milk, which contains key nutrients. Vitamin D Deficiency can potentially lead to soft bones and skeletal deformities if you don’t follow the right dietary advice, and although sunlight is the best defence, diet plays a crucial role. And guess what has a lot of Vitamin D?

Yup, fish, fish liver oil and eggs, so you can see why I am a pessie and not a veggie.

My concern for the well-being of animals has only increased with age, awareness and knowledge. But if you are thinking about making a big dietary change, then make sure you do your research and are sure you are getting the essential nutrients for your body.

You’re health and well-being is important.

Featured Image: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/05/20-days-movement-day-10-eat/


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