Exercise? I thought you said extra fries

Any time you open a magazine, a new fad diet screams in your face “Get the dream body in 5 minutes”– yeah okay. But this is now far more widespread than the contents of a magazine and fills our every day lives, both online and offline. I thought the pressures of both women and men to look a certain way had long diminished, as we are the generation changing the face of beauty; in recognising curvy women and indeed, very average sized women, as beautiful and allowing them to model. But as I scrolled through my social media pages one morning, with my page filled with beautiful people, I felt they were all aspiring to live up to a certain criteria, that these pictures of ‘Pre gym meal’ of 2 asparagus stalks teamed with the worlds smallest chicken breast and a fountain of water, with all the gym selfies and videos of people proving they are exercising. I thought…

At what point will they stop?

Talking from experience, I know exactly what its like to lose a lot of weight, and have compliments fly in. People are interested in how you did it, will praise your new look and it can be a real confidence booster, so much so that it gets to the point of being unhealthy. Now, I have to watch what I eat anyway, as just thinking about cake adds a pound to the old hips. But that’s not to say I won’t ever eat a doughnut again! Everything in moderation. But people, lately, have been taking their new diet and exercise regime to the extreme, where this has now become their livelihood and they are known for being that ‘gym freak’. Exercise and a healthy balanced diet and life are highly important, but you should be able to enjoy yourself, and not feel guilty for eating a biscuit for goodness sake.

And I find it sad, that a person who just wanted to make a few changes in their diet and lifestyle, to feel more body confident or to be healthier, has now gone to the other end of the scale, where there is a need to exercise, train and survive off food my rabbit wouldn’t even touch, to keep bettering themselves.

Forget all the comments, forget all the likes; make a change for you.


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