Make them laugh

The other night myself and my friend Bethan, were discussing our past relationships and really honing in on the importance of being with someone who makes us laugh. Yet 10 minutes into conversation, and reliving our past relationships, we realised that not one single guy had actually made us laugh! The reason we were laughing, was because we had been the ones providing the humour!

How, how have I managed to date for the past 7 years, have 3 long relationship (long for me) and no one has managed to make me laugh! And how I have I not noticed until now, and most importantly what on earth attracted me to them in the first place! (And breath).

I sat for ages to recount how this even happened. And yes although I am a natural comedian and blessed with being quick witted, I can’t supply all the jokes people!

Obviously there were other qualities I admired from these past daters, but I always thought sense of humour was on the top of my list, yet I’m the one making myself laugh! It’s not as though I’ve got a really hard sense of humour to crack, either I can find humour from anything, even in a dramatic film there will be something I will be sniggering at.

From all the complications that come with dating, I never thought someone not being able to make me laugh would be one of them.

Oh well, the show must go on, starring me, as I clearly only find myself funny.

Featured Image:’Em_Laugh


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