Why caring about fashion doesn’t make you shallow

I’ve often heard strangers, once they have looked me up and down, do one of two things. They either smile and ask me something about my outfit- where I got a certain piece from, how much is it, or in my case, can they please touch my hair- that happens more than you can imagine. Or they do the thing I hate the most, where someone looks me up and down and goes “who does she think she is?” but just what is it about what I’m wearing that makes me come across that I am ‘The Big I Am’ It’s not like I’m head to toe in designer, heck I’m usually head to toe in ASOS, and today I’m wearing a skirt from a charity shop, ASOS boots and ZARA jumper- as high street as you can get.

 But I’ve noticed how people perceive your style, is dependant on location and person, as to who criticises an outfit, and who praises it.

I’m from a small town, where you really do stand out from the crowd if you dress well. On a weekday in town, its usually filled with people with very little interest in fashion, so they think lime green joggers and fake ugg boots are a good idea. So to see someone who has styled an outfit together well, they seem to take offence and think that I am up myself because I’ve made an effort in my appearance.

But it’s a completely different story when I’m in Birmingham, where I spend most of my time. There are positive comments galore, I feel more comfortable walking down the street, people will ask where something is from, praise you, and I do the same.

Of course some days, I really do stand out if I’m a colourful rainbow walking down the street wherever I am, and my look changes for certain things, depending on what I am doing that day and where I’m going; although my signature look is a jumpsuit. One day I could be head to toe in black, and the next be teaming spots with stripes and bright lipstick. I tweak my outfit way more than I used to in mirrors, but does the fact that I am interested in fashion, style and beauty and looking good and feeling good make me shallow?

I don’t think it does.

I used to be a person with zero confidence in myself and I didn’t love myself. I have now embarked on this journey where I can look at myself in a mirror, where I don’t hate my stretch marks or my moles and have accepted that they make me, me! At 22 years of age I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and don’t wish to be anyone else but me. Your interest in how you look is not a negative thing and does not make you shallow.

If anyone ever calls you vain, tell them to shut up, because there is absolutely nothing wrong in loving yourself and wanting to look nice. Part of who I am is reflected in my style, but a big part of who I am is reflected by how I act, and just because I look in the mirror and tweak my outfit, doesn’t make me a lesser person, because if you needed help with something, I’d be first on the scene.

It’s time people started to realise that you can be a good person and care about how you look.

Featured Image https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/335658978459336225/


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