Is 20 the new 30?

All of sudden all over my Facbook page people are announcing they have just bought a house with their partner of a few years!

Questions fill my mind! How, what, why, when and how again?! I’m in the same age range and buying a house with a partner seems a lifetime away still! Your early twenties are about finding your feet, kick starting your career, living in weird apartments with your friends or partner, that you rent aren’t they? That’s what my mum was doing, she was still hitting Ibiza every year until she was pregnant with me- sorry mum!

But why is our generation in such a hurry to grow up, what is the rush?! And I began to question…

Is 20 the new 30?

I feel that I am now miles behind from my peers, yes I’m thinking about moving out and getting my own place with a few friends, and a dog (aww), but I’m not planning to get a mortgage with someone at 22! Particularly in this day and age. The average house price in London is £552,201, you know you can buy a small island for less than that price right? Have a gander and dream everyone…

So, how are people, who I know are working in pretty poorly paid job, affording to buy a house!?

Even if you are fortunate enough to be very financially stable (or have a load of credit cards or the bank of mum and dad), why does that now equate to being a bore?

Where have all the fun twenty year olds gone? Where travelling with your friends, making stupid mistakes, chasing your career and making memories to last a lifetime is the priority. I am not too keen to be part of the 20 something age group who are going back to their partner, eating cottage pie and watching Coronation Street.

Life is for living; live a little, explore, learn, inspire and be inspire

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