Does the reality of our dream job crush our expectations?

Think back to when you were little and you were playing games, what did you love to play the most? Was being a teacher, was it being the pupil, was it being a superstar, a vet, a nurse,a firefighter; what was your favourite role? Then think about school and how those childhood dreams actually started to mean something, it meant that we had to choose the right subject, we had to have the right grades, do the extra curriculum stuff in a bid to secure those dreams. Then comes university or college, where we have now narrowed down our curriculum of 10 plus classes to one singular subject, something that now costs us money and a lot of time and effort and wouldn’t it be an awful shame that at the end of it all, we think- well this sucks!

Does the reality of our dream job crush our expectations?

My goal and aspiration is to be a Health Promoter, but can you imagine if after completing my masters in it and getting my first job as a Health Promoter I turn out to hate it? The dream is better than the reality. I’ve done jobs that I thought I would love, that’s right up my street- I thought I would love this care coordiantor role, only to find it awful! But a role I would never consider, a receptionist, not linked to my endless list of health related roles, is very enjoyable. Do we ever really know what we want? We may think we know what it is, but sometimes our paths lead us to something we never planned or anticipated to do, yet this new role, this new ideal works, because, guess what- we love it!

I’m a firm believer in doing things for love and for what makes you happy; you should never settle. I know what your thinking, that’s all well and good, but when you have bills to pay and mouths to feed you’ll take whatever is going right? But after we’ve reached some sort of stability, surely we want to move on to something we love, whether that be that childhood dream, or a new dream we’ve only just realised due to the path of life we have travelled. I always thought I would be a veterinary nurse, a fashion communicator, a singer (in my dreams), but what is my dream now…

Very simply- to help people and although if someone asks what my dream career is, it’s a health promoter, but what my real dream is, is to help people and as long as I get to that everyday and make a difference, whatever my job may be, then I believe it will exceed my expectations.

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