I am not a half

I stumbled across a story from Cosmopolitan on Twitter last night, about the heartbreaking tale of a woman taking her life, out of fear of ending up alone. She was 31, such a young age, and because she was not in the same point in life as her other friends, she felt left out and a failure.

It really broke my heart, that a woman with so much ahead of her, ended her life, because she did not meet the expectations of a 30 something woman.

We get told in life to ‘search for other half’, that ‘our soul mate is out there’, but what if we are not a half? What if we are a whole? Relationships and love are beautiful and special, but we should not be made to feel worthless or a failure without them! We should not be made to feel incomplete without a significant person to share our life with.

There are so many people to share your life with! Look around you and think about the people who have been there for you in good times and in bad, the ones that you share the best memories with and make the best memories with, that have your back and love you unconditionally. We are strong, beautiful beings and should surround ourselves with like-minded people.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, it does not have to be the Hollywood romantic love, it can be the best friend love, the motherly love, the love of your cat even! It’s not singular. It’s devastating to think that we live in a society where people fear being on their own and think themselves to be a failure.

Your not.

Love is a complex thing, but just because you are not living with someone or dating anyone, that does not mean that you have failed and that you are alone.

You don’t need someone to make you a whole.

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5 thoughts on “I am not a half

  1. Soph says:

    I love this post, thanks so much. Love can come in sooo many forms. You don’t need someone to “complete” you, but if you look around, it feels like everyone is telling you that. Thanks for this reminder 🙂


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