Can social media ruin relationships?

Have you ever gone back through your old tweets and statuses, or had a causal reminder from social media sites themselves, to bring back the memories of statuses time forgot! We probably ponder over whether we were okay when writing this weird, slightly deluded status, but I do wonder that if I wrote something like that now would I lose friends? And that’s a question that has been playing on my mind…

Can social media ruin relationships?

Love it or hate it, social media is big and getting bigger. People share their inner most feelings, we get an insight into people’s lives, which comes with both good and bad. Yes I can see Beyonce’s holiday pictures, but how much we share and how we come across on social media can really affect those around us, as well as ourselves. We feel we are safe to say whatever we want, because we are, in essence, talking to a screen. We feel we can post a picture of whatever we want because only our friends will see it and we forget about the 200 odd Instagram followers we have. I feel that social media can ruin relationships, friendships included, as we can become so self absorbed in our own social media bubble.

Do you ever find yourself getting really annoyed at some people’s posts? And what’s worse, when it’s someone who is close to you! Yup that’s the power of social media and allowing you to create your alter ego.

There’s many different types of social media fanatics;

There’s the no limits tweeters, who tweet every emotion they have felt, every situation they are in. You can probably guess what they are doing and where they are, from their tweets. It’s refreshing for someone to be so raw and I love honest people, but this is a bit too much! Sure, nobody likes a liar- (unless you don’t like reality). And that brings me on to a different kettle of fish…

The fakers- the balling boys, the perfect life selfies, when the reality of seeing these people in the flesh does not match their Instagram feed. People will always twist the truth to make their life seem better than it is. They want people to be jealous of the lavish lifestyle paid on credit cards.

Finally The haters- they hate everything, everyone and oh the indirect tweets are plenty! These, in my eyes, are the worst offenders; if you have an issue with someone close to you, then talk to them!

Close friends, partners or family members who fall into these categories is a tough cookie to crumble. You love these people more than anything, but can’t stand them on social media. And sometimes telling them they are annoying on social media, will really damage their ego, and you may receive a bombshell of hate. Social media allows us to be social and interactive, not bitchy and annoying. Think before you post- Does this sound like me? Does it reflect the true me? Because it’s the real you, your loved ones love, not the false social media alter ego one.

Don’t let one way of communication come between you and a loved one. There’s only so much a screen can give you.


6 thoughts on “Can social media ruin relationships?

  1. Soph says:

    Yes, yes, yes- it totally can ruin relationships! I think you have to be mature enough to accept that you may not be 100% happy with everything you see, but if you have a great honest relationship, you should be able to voice your opinion if you are uncomfortable. I think what’s worse is when you’re on a date/in a relationship and the other person looks at their phone the whole time. It’s awkward and really rude! Ah… why couldn’t we have dated in the 1940s!? Lol! But it can only ruin a relationship IF you let it. Great post 🙂


  2. Laura (PA Pict) says:

    Interesting post. I only have Facebook and this blog so I don’t spend as much time on social media as many others. Maybe it is that and maybe it is my age (I’m 40) but I don’t tend to get caught up emotionally in what people post. People share a version of themselves on social media. Maybe they try to project the best version of themselves (or a fake version, of course) or maybe they reveal the first version of themselves but what I try to do is to remember that I should not judge people based on that one sliver of that person but should instead judge the whole person. That is not to say that there are not people who I delete from my friends lists. I actually regularly perform a cull. I choose to cull people who are relentlessly negative or who do little but offend me with the views they share and also people who I no longer interact with on any basis. I am also mindful to keep my own sharing in check. I regard the internet as being the global equivalent of the market square / town square. If I would not make a public declaration on X, Y or Z topic – whether personal or political or whatever – in the town square to a group of random passers by then I am not going to share that same pronouncement on social media. That goes for both my own posting and my replies to the posts of others. I also try to behave positively on social media so I will “like” posts and leave encouraging comments but, if a post offends me, annoys me, or incites some other negative response in me, I just scroll on past as if I had never seen it – while of course logging it in case it becomes relevant at the next friends list cull. So – in short – mindfulness about how you interact with and judge others is as relevant on social media as it always has been in real life.


    • foodieandthebeauty says:

      Sorry for the late reply! I totally agree with how you interact with people on social media is the same in real life! I’ve always felt bad if I removed or unfollowed someone who was negatively affecting me, but then I thought- why feel bad about someone who is not positively influencing my life? I wouldn’t stick around them in real life, so why should I follow them on social media?

      Love your blog by the way 🙂

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