High Ho Amsterdam

Hello and happy Sunday!

I’ve just got back from such a great few days in Amsterdam with my friends. I love this city so much and if you haven’t been yet, I would really recommend going! It’s such a lovely, calm, charismatic city- one minute you are in the Red Light District, the next you are at Anne Frank House- madness! It’s such a fascinating country and I just loved being there! I’d been to Amsterdam before in the Summer, but going in Winter/Spring was a completely different feel. The hostel Cocomama we stayed in exceeded the expectations I had for it, in both catering and value for money, oh and there was some great interior inspiration too!

I didn’t ride a bike last time I went to Amsterdam, and was really pleased that I rode one this time around! We went to Vondelpark close to the I Amsterdam sign, Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum, and I would really recommend doing this if you’re a bit nervous to hit the road with the bike! It’s a huge beautiful park, and the bike rental was only 7.50 euros for 3 hours! Now that I’m back at home I want to ride my bike again and have been eyeing up my bike for the past few days, but the reality of riding around my town with its roundabouts of hell, is not a pretty picture!

To keep this short and sweet, as I could go on for hours about Amsterdam, I’ve listed my top 3 things to do/see…

My favourite things…

This was such a fascinating museum and I would highly recommend it. It was a real eye opener into the world of prostitution and I found a new found sadness and respect for the girls who do this as their job.

I cannot pronounce this for the life of me and confused so many people, but this was a museum rich in art and culture, with some very iconic pieces on display which were amazing to see! Also they have a whole fashion section- which was amazing! I’ve included a picture of this amazing wedding dress that I fell in love with!

I thought I was prepared this time around, as I had already visited before I thought I was mentally prepared, but apparently not! I cried after being there for 5 minutes. I think why I find anything to do with WWII so emotional is the fact that it is still a recent event, and my grandparents lived through this. On top of that, Anne is a true inspiration and the voice of so many Jews during the Holocaust. I find her such a strong person, an inspiration and she really humbles me. Being able to visit where herself and her family had to hide, really is incredible and I would highly recommend going (and take tissues)!

I have nothing but praise for this country and will continue to go back time and time again. Check out my Instagram for the latest pictures 🙂 


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