20 realisations you are now an adult

I always thought the transition between teenage life to early adulthood would be quite smooth and nothing would really change; other than having a bit more responsibility and a little less money to spend on the things I want and instead have to spend it on things I need i.e. a roof over my head! However the other morning I woke up suddenly overwhelmed with how much has changed from 18 to 21. Not even that; from leaving university in June until now!

I’ve concluded that there are 20 main indicators that you are now officially an adult…

  1. Not sharing every detail of your life with social media –When I was younger I think I’d post at least 3 times a day on Facebook, whereas I posted 1 status last year. And hell no there’s been no relationship updates as that would be too much hassle! Plus I don’t want everyone knowing my business. Twitter is properly where I write more but that’s either very light hearted stuff or my opinions on current affairs- there’s no in between.

  1. Not losing my cool in an argument- I used to flip out in arguments, go in guns blazing and then most likely after the argument, write about it over Facebook- I was a little bitch! Now if there’s an issue; I’m human so may get annoyed and argue, but how I deal with the aftermath is much more nicer and I listen to what the other person has to say so we can resolve things. It’s much nicer and calmer.

  1. Generally a much calmer person– I don’t let things effect me. It’s probably none of my business anyway.

  1. Being very open minded and optimistic-People come from all walks of life and I’m fascinated by it. I used to be the one questioning why someone would choose to do that, but now I am intrigued and inspired by people. Everyone has a different dream and goal, and no matter how far away from my own goal it is, I am inspired by it.

  1. Putting on a song and your younger cousins saying that you’re NOT cool- I know I’m cool! I’m cooler than ice, but apparently my music taste to the younger generation sucks! Come on, I mean I’m playing The Specials for Gods sake! The older generation on the other hand, love it! And what makes me feel even older, is that at the family things I’m sat with all the adults because I can relate to them more than I can with my 16 year old cousin! (Plus the goldie oldies think I’m cool).

  1. Missing the good old days-Thinking that school was last week but realising I left mainstream education 5 years ago! Reminiscing about teachers who are no longer there, lessons that no longer exist and thinking how simple life was.

  1. Loving the cheesy room in clubs the most because they are playing songs you actually know-Who the hell are The Vamps? Nope, never heard of them- let’s go cheesy room featuring Steps, Boyzone, Spice Girls, Oasis and I mean it comes to something when clubs won’t play Arctic Monkeys, but in the cheesy room they will play them on repeat.

  1. Having to buy stamps to send letters and Christmas cards-Now I feel really old! I even have an address book, and this year I was writing out Christmas cards to people and their partners, people with children and heck why not grandchildren!

  1. Getting annoyed when school kids come on the train-No more needs to be said on this

    10. Having an account book-Got to make sure I pay my rent and bills and work out how much I’ve got left to spend on clothes

  1. Feeling really old at a gig when your holding a beer and there’s 15 year olds screaming and dancing like a baboon.

  1. Having a child looking up to you as the responsible adult

  1. Thinking its really awful if I sleep in past 9am as I think I’ve wasted the day- When I was a teenager, especially first year of university, my usual getting up time was 12pm and I had no regrets over that!

  1. Aren’t they cold?!”- The comment I make on every night out when I see people embracing the British weather without a coat.

  1. This one, I’m pleased about- knowing your signature drink. I remember at house parties just drinking whatever and when I turned 18 vodka was my main delight- grim. Now I know sailor jerry’s and coke is my true love and the only wine I like is white fruity ones. This now saves me a lot of pain and misery the next day.

  1. This brings me on nicely to number 16 of handling my drink better. I was an awful drunk when I was 18 and I would like to take this moment to apologise to my friends, family and other people I may have dragged into my drunk situations. Now I can have a great night, it can be messy, but a good messy- if that makes sense at all. I mean I still manage to get myself into strange situations, but that seems to happen drunk or not.

  1. Having a three day hangover-Going out on a Friday night and it not hitting you until Monday when you have to be at work, oh Lord!

  1. I think this one is another good one- still having fun with my fashion sense. I’ve always been quite experimental with my fashion. I say that, but that’s not 100% accurate as there was a dark time called age 15 where I thought blue eye shadow and combats were the way of life. But as I got into the 16/17 age range I became more adventurous and was finding myself through my style. What makes me sad is seeing people who were the most adventurous in their style and looked up to, now become basic bitches when it comes to their style. Getting older doesn’t mean you have to be boring! I like my clothes to reflect my personality as much as possible and am highly inspired by Solange Knowles and vlogger Freddie Harrel when it comes to style.

  1. Hosting a meal-Cooking a meal from scratch. When I was 18 my idea of cooking was putting a pizza in the oven. Now I’m an avid cook, when I have the time, and even hosted a meal not too long ago, where I made spinach and sweet potato curry, which was delicious! I was also in charge of the Boxing Day meal, for the second year in a row, may I add. And oh my god that was amazing! Oh and on the back of that, today I purchased some pasta bowls- every 21 year olds dream!

And finally number 20 which is the saddest of them all is…

  1. Getting excited over a new vacuum cleaner. I just recently purchased a cordless vacuum cleaner and when people come round I show them how it works. That is the epitome of sad.

I don’t think we realise we have changed until we sit and really think about how different we are to our former self. We are constantly changing, hopefully for the better.


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