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Hi guys!

Just a quickie to say that there won’t be a blog post now until August. Life is a bit mad at the moment, with studying and working and trying to get everything sorted before I go on holiday in a few days! (Deep breaths).

I will be posting on Instagram so be sure to follow to keep updated 😊- gemmal0uise

Love always,

Gemma- xo


It’s funny when you sit there in front of me

And I’m thinking about how it used to be.

How it used to be, when we were younger and care free.

I love being by your side, but I hate being with you

I hate being with you, because I’m not with you

I don’t have your attention

Your phone has your attention.

When we go out for a meal, how much time do you spend looking at me?

If I sent you a picture you’d look at that all night

But as I sit here in broad daylight, you can’t hold my gaze for 10 seconds

You scan around the place, looking for another face.

When your drunk, that’s when your real

The phone’s away and I’m the big deal

You think I’m divine

Better than fine wine

I love you”

Your my best friend”

We’re soul mates”
“To the end”

But it feels pretend.

Because in the morning, the real you emerges

A chime on your phone

A little sigh and a groan.

That arm once encasing me

Is now drifting away, far away from me

It’s reaching towards it first and only love

The love of an Iphone 6 plus.

alert sound the classic Iphone sound

The sound of every relationship breakdown.

A sound can signal a thousand things

But I just hope that wait for my ding

But you respond to me last, because you know I won’t get mad

You respond to me last, because you know it won’t make me sad.

At least that’s what you think.

But when I see on Facebook that you were active two minutes ago

But you haven’t replied to my message from three hours ago

How do you think that makes me think?

How do you think that makes me feel?

I am no longer this big deal.

Your phone has all of your attention

But thanks for your Tweet; glad I got a mention.

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Liebster Award

The very lovely Louise Austin Richards, nominated me for the Liebster award, so- tah- dah! Here it is! If you don’t follow Louise already, what are you doing? Get on it and follow her! I always really look forward to reading her blog posts, they are just fab!

Okay so what is the Liebster Awards? Well this is what you have to do…

  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you

  • Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated yo

  • Nominate 11 blogs

  • Give them 11 questions to answer

So, without further ado, here are my questions and responses…

  1. Favourite City- Easily Paris! I just love everything about it- I want to live there.

  2. First Make Up product you ever brought? I think mine was a Miss Sporty mascara, but of course it wasn’t just a regular black mascara, I had to be jazzy and get an electric blue one (tragic!)

  3. Favourite high-end beauty brand? I don’t use that many high end brands, as you guys know I’m a high street lover. But a product that I now can’t live without is Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum at £32.50. It just works wonders on my skin, and its making me try more of their products- help me!

  4. Who is your idol? Audrey Hepburn would be my biggest idol, but I really am inspired by (you know a present day person) Solange Knowles. She’s so creative, talented and an all round inspiring woman.

  5. Favourite fashion or beauty store? My favourite fashion store would have to be Mango, I think its the only store I can spend a full hour in there, and I always find exactly what I’m looking for.

  6. One thing on your bucket listHmmmm, I’d really love to do abseiling! So I hope I get the chance to do that one day

  7. You can only use one beauty product for the rest of your life- What do you choose? Oh easily moisturiser! I know its a really basic thing, but I’d be drier than the desert without it.

  8. Favourite TV Show- Oooh this one was a tough one for me. My taste in TV goes between dramas, comedy and reality TV- so I’ll just pick my top 3 from all the categories- Drama- Narcos, Comedy- Brookyln Nine Nine and reality The Only Way Is Essex

  9. How did you get into blogging? I had wanted to do it for quite for some time, but was a bit nervous (which seems silly now, as I love doing this), and I felt that I would run out of ideas. But that’s never been the case. I guess what got me into blogging, was wanted a way to share shared interests and this is a great way to share your interests and meet new people.

  10. Summarise your blogI write mainly about fashion and beauty, as that’s where my interests lie. But I do mix it up now and again and sometimes go a bit deeper, and talk about more personal things or relationships, and sometimes I write a bit of poetry. I called my blog foodieandthebeauty, as it gives food for thought, as well as looking at beauty.

  11. My Twitter Handle is: @Gemmawalton_

So that’s me done, now its over to my nominees and my questions for my nominees…

My nominees are…

  1. BeccaBeauty

  2. Afrobaddie

  3. The Zinful Blonde

  4. The Map Of Beauty

  5. Aricoture

  6. A Brash Attitude

  7. Michelle Prestige

  8. Amatuerxblogger

  9. Beauty Beyond Bones

  10. Life With Lil Red

  11. Live Life Love FashionBlog

And my questions for you are…

  1. What beauty product can you not live without?

  2. What was your dream job when you were younger?

  3. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

  4. What’s your favourite clothing store?

  5. Where in the world has been your favourite vacation?

  6. Favourite type of food?

  7. Do you prefer Summer or Winter?

  8. What’s something you really want to achieve or do?

  9. Who’s your biggest idol?

  10. How did you get into blogging?

  11. Twitter or Facebook link

Girls I hope your ready! 🙂

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Beauty Summer Hacks

Summer is the month that I love to hate. As I’ve got older (and work full time), I have grown to appreciate the Summer months more, as I only get a limited time to really enjoy those long Summer days and nights. And although we all crave Summer and get excited when its here, when it comes to how we look, we regret our begging with the weather to be hot, as we are left sweating buckets and gasping for water. Now obviously to survive Summer you need to drink plenty of water and wear plenty on sun protector (and eat lots of ice lollies too, I believe?). But I thought I would share my must haves which allow me to enjoy Summer the way it should be; without complaint.

So here are my Summer Hacks…

  • Talcum Powder

I don’t think I could actually survive Summer without this. Bit sweaty under the pits? Throw some talc on that. Thighs chaffing? Rub some talc on it. It literally is a miracle worker! Okay so I’m not standing in the middle of the street throwing this magical stuff all over me. But I do carry a little mini version in my handbag and sort myself out in the toilet. It instantly makes you feel more collected and less sweaty.

  • Setting Spray

I use setting spray all year round, as it does what it says, and your make up holds out longer. However, a neat trick to prolonging the length of durability of your make up through the Summer months, is by spraying your make beauty blenders with this prior to applying your foundation, concealers etc. It generally makes your make up hold longer and you don’t have the fright when you glance at your reflection in a window, and think why did no one tell me I look like a melting snowman! This keeps you looking cool and collected.

  • Waterproof Foundation

A way to really beat the sweat that comes with the sun is by purchasing a waterproof foundation. Yes there are such things as these that exist, and more than likely your usual go to foundation comes in a waterproof version to. I use L’Oreal True Match, and they’re 24H Matte Waterproof Foundation is a great alternative for a Summer foundation. Its more durable and lasts longer compared to the normal foundation. Plus it makes for a great holiday make up piece, as you can wear this in the pool- results all round!

  • NYX ‘Gleam’ Highlighter

I am actually obsessed with this highlighter. It has been probably my favourite make up purchase of the year- big claims. But because its a liquid highlighter, for me, it just gives me such a glowy effortless looking look, which is perfect in the heat. With this highlighter, even if you are sweating, it kind of embraces it and just makes it look like you have a great glow going on. I really would recommend this product, and is a piece I can’t leave the house without applying.

  • Cooling Spray

A must have item for on the go is cooling spray. Yes it is essentially water in a can, but just the cool spritz of it does cool you down and gives you a refreshed feeling. As I prefer my hair loose to being up, but with an afro, you can imagine it gets pretty hot around my neck, I use this constantly throughout the day to keep the back of my neck cool, with it allowing me to keep my hair down. This is the perfect on the go must have.

  • Eyebrow Gel

It is far too much effort to be using eyebrow pencils, pens and kits in this weather, so to keep my eyebrows looking on point, I rely solely on some serious eyebrow brush skills followed by eyebrow gel. Eyebrow gel is great for keeping your eyebrows in place all day, but also compliments you with a sexy dewy kind of look. (Great with that highlighter I was going on about). What I find is that instead of trying to pretend that its not 30 degrees outside and you’re not sweating; to embrace it instead. That’s why my make up is purposely more glowy and dewy, as it just looks like I have more of a summer glow when I do get a bit sweaty.

  • Lip Tint

Lipsticks are a big no go for me in Summer, particularly in the daytime. I just find they smudge easily and having them in your handbag is a recipe for disaster! So instead, a hint of colour with a lip tint is the perfect alternative, and you won’t have to deal with a melted lipstick at the bottom of your handbag.

And finally, most importantly- MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE! I cannot say this enough ladies! Keep your skin and hair really moisturised, and pay attention to those feet as well. No one wants to look like a lizard really! Try to use a deep conditioning mask once a week, and also invest in a leave in deep conditioning spray that you can use daily, to protect your hair from the heat.

Remember to always stay hydrated and lathered up in sun cream, and enjoy the Sun! No matter how we complain about it being too hot, the moment it rains we want it back.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoyed this post 🙂

Love Always,



Below are the links to the specific products that I use…

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June Favourites & Highlights


I hope you are all really well! June has been such a packed to overload month, and the weather, for the most part, has been glorious! This has naturally resulted in me buying new clothes and beauty pieces, so there’s quite a lot of new things in this months monthly post. Also, with sun comes new music, and I have been loving so much new music, that I had to resort to doing a separate post dedicated to music last week- see here.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful June and have lots to look forward to in July. Hope you enjoy this post 🙂

Kiss and Make Up

  • Charcoal Detox Warming Mask £9.99

As most of you will have probably seen, charcoal masks have been huge over this year! Although I’d heard quite negative reviews about the peel off charcoal masks, teamed with the fact that they look absolutely terrifying, I wanted to opt for a less intense, and more effective version. Now why the masks are not good to use is because, it is essentially, like using a plaster on your entire face and ripping it off- so its doing more damage than good and will scar the skin. But with an actual charcoal mask, it cleanses the skin in a gentle way. I opted for this detox warming mask, as it was very straightforward and didn’t require scrubbing or peeling, which would leave my skin feeling and looking damaged. I love this product! You actually feel the mask warming on your face, and its detoxifying. I tend to use this once a week and apply it before I get in the shower and wash off with a facial cloth, whilst in the shower after the 5 minutes is up. It washes off easily and doesn’t require any scrubbing on the skin. A really great new addition to my skincare products.


  • L’Oreal Extraordinary Facial Cleansing Oil £7.99

I got this after seeing this in a magazine, and knew I needed to try it out as a night cleanser. I’ve been using Simple cleansing lotion as part of my night time routine for years, and is a product that I trust. But I just fancied a change and wanted to see if this product did anything better to my skin. In terms of removing my make up, it is so so so good! Its amazing! My usual night time routine includes facial wipes, micellar water, cleanser and toner to remove my make up- but just using this alone removed all my make up- yes all! I love that you can use this on your eyes and lips as well. Its great for when I’m really tired and don’t have the energy to do my full night routine. This is a great product and will be something I will be taking on holiday with me.


  • NYX Highlighter Born to Glow £8.00

As you know I’m a big fan of NYX, and am always keen to try anything they do. I already had this product in gleam and I love it so much! I use it every day to give me a subtle glowy daytime look. But since I loved this highlighter so much, I wanted to try it in a different shade, for the summer nights out to give me extra glowy skin for summer. I don’t really get on with powder highlighter, so this highlighter has been a blessing to me, as its liquid. Its so easy to apply and just works for my skin and ease for my make up routine.


  • GOSH Pro Eyeliner £6.99

I’ve really got into big bold eyeliners at the moment, and after purchasing one from Milani, I couldn’t resist trying out this one from GOSH. I like my make up routine to be easy and quick, and a thicker eyeliner allows me to do this. I tend to go to this eyeliner more so than the Milani one, as the Milani one seems to run out quite quickly, so out of the two I prefer the GOSH one.


If you can’t stop thinking about it- BUY IT!

  • MANGO Appliqué Red Side Bag £35.99

I’ve been loving Mango so much recently, they’ve got such great things in at the moment and the prices are always so reasonable! As you know red is my colour for this year, and I’ve been loving red handbags so much! As I’ve got a tote bag and red rucksack, next on my list was a red crossbody bag and I immediately fell in love with this one from Mango. I like red because it just makes pieces look more expensive than they are. I really love the chain and buckle detail on this, and its really easy to style with.


  • Tan Mules £15.99

I can’t actually find the exact ones I have from Mango, but I found some ones that are similar from New Look, via ASOS. I really love mules and they are a great piece to own. There are so many different designs of mules on the market, from heeled, to loafer style, embroidered to simple. They are super comfy to wear all day and a great throw on shoe with any outfit, be it day or night.


  • LEVI ‘Freak Out’ Tee £25

I’ve really got into slogan tees at the moment, and there are some great ones out there which are eye catching in a simplistic way. I love this ‘freak out’ one from Levi. Its a great way to make a simple outfit look more interesting.


  • NEW LOOK Frayed Hem Jeans £14

I’m not a big jean fan, but sometimes they are just the best option. As I had thrown out my light coloured jeans, as I found them way too basic and I didn’t actually wear them, so when I found these light jeans with the frayed hem, I had to get them. They make my outfit look more interesting and these jeans are the perfect fit!

download (4)

  • ASOS Mixed Gingham Shorts £12.50

Gingham is so hot right now and I do love it, especially when I stumble across pieces that don’t make me look like a school girl. I fell in love with these gingham shorts from ASOS, they are super comfy and so easy to style. I teamed these with some grey strappy sandals and a white strappy cami for an evening look, and it made for an effortless summer night out look.


And The Award Goes To…


  • Making a Murderer

I really wanted to watch a documentary, and didn’t expect to go so emotionally invested in this documentary on Netflix. Without spoiling anything, it follows the case of a man who was wrongfully convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. I was hooked on this programme! I’d really recommend it.


  • Orange Is The New Black

OITNB was back on our screens, and although I promised myself to pace myself this time around, that didn’t happen. I accidentally managed to binge watch the entire season in 2 days (no regrets). This wasn’t my favourite season, but I just love this TV series, they always talk about such important issues and there is always a powerful message behind it. I’ve always loved Taystee’s character, played by Danielle Brooks, but I found in this series in particular, that she was phenomenal.



  • Pitch Perfect 2

I don’t know why I didn’t go to see this at the cinema. Oh I know why- I was in denial that I really love Pitch Perfect. I found the first Pitch Perfect hilarious, and when I saw that Pitch Perfect 2 was on Netflix, I had to watch it. Again, its just a laugh a minute feel good film. And Pitch Perfect 3 is coming soon, and I’ve already made the decision I will actually go to the cinema to see this one. I can’t live in denial forever.



  • Harry Styles, Woman

  • Miley Cyrus, Malibu

  • Banks, Goddess

I’m not going to write lengthy descriptions about these artists and songs, as I’ve covered that in last weeks post. However, these three songs have been on repeat for the majority of this month.



  • The Maccabees, The Farewell Shows, Manchester

I was so so happy to have got tickets to The Maccabees final tour. I’ve been a fan of them since I was 16, and was devastated when I heard they were splitting up. I’ve been to every single one of their tours, and was not missing out on this one either. It was such an amazing gig, and I loved paying a little visit to Manchester too. They did some of their older songs, and I was crying by the end of the gig. They will be greatly missed.


  • Wine Tasting

This was one of the funniest things I’ve done! We had a wine connoisseur come to our house to give us at home wine tasting experience. The man hosting was hilarious and was so helpful in terms of telling us about the wine, history, what dish it was best with and in getting us drunk. It was such a fun thing to do, and we got some lovely wine out of it too.


  • Hopfest

This is a festival that is held in my home town yearly, and its such a fun mini festival to go to. I had such a great time last year, that I had to go again this year. It was so hot the day that I went which was fab! Its such a fun thing to do and really gets me in the summer mood.


  • Booked a Holiday!!!

This has been the biggest highlight of the month, as in 3 weeks time I am off to Tenerife with my best friends! I am so excited and so ready for a holiday! We got such a great deal, and the resort we are staying in looks actually amazing! I can’t wait to get on that plane now and flop out on the sun lounger all day long.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and had a lovely month 🙂

Love Always,



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Music Review

Hi guys!

Summer is always jam packed with new songs and artists emerging, and as I was writing notes for my monthly favourites (coming next weekend), I realised there were so many music related ones that I thought I may as well do my second music review.

There’s quite a wide variety in genres I feel here, as there were people I wasn’t expecting to like (or have never liked up until recently), but sometimes one great song is all I need off them. I may not listen to anything else they make, but hey ho. Then there are others who have had me hooked track, after track and I can’t wait for them to do more.

So lets get on with this…

Little Mix ‘Power’

I’ve never been a fan of Little Mix, I know they are a pop band, but their songs have always been a bit too poppy for my liking. However, when I heard this song on the radio I immediately loved it and was very surprised to learn that Little Mix were the ladies behind this absolute tune! It’s got such a great motivational and empowering tempo to it, and is perfect if you need some inspiration in motivating yourself or just reminding you how fab you are!

I don’t think this is Stormzy greatest performance (yeah he’s featured on this), but Stormzy is hot right now, so I get why the girls wanted him on the track. This is now my work motivational song, for when I’m crashing and burning at work.


SZA ‘Ctrl’

I listened to this after my friend Jonah messaged me saying I needed to listen to this album as he said I would love it. And this boy knows me so well, as two beats in I was hooked and sat with my headphones in until I had listened to every track. What I love about SZA is her lyrics are so powerful, along with her captivating voice. I feel as if I’m being transported. She’s a very unique artist, and I love artists with a bit of flair. But there are three songs in particular that really stood out for me…

Drew Barrymore

Probably her most known track from the album, your bound to have heard it on the radio. But I feel that this song will really hit home with a lot of people in terms of relationships and self-esteem. As being in a relationship should increase your self-esteem, but too often we are in relationships where we question our self worth, suffer with insecurity and get mixed signals and emotions and it can be confusing as hell! In a world where we can be so easy to critique ourself and compare ourselves to strangers, I feel that this is even more relevant, and can have an effect on our self worth and esteem. This tempo to this song is lovely and easy listening, with a great message behind it.

Doves In The Wind

My boy Kendrick Lamar is featured on this track, so that already swayed me to liking this before I even listened to it. But again, this song has such a calm and chill vibe to it, but has a deep message behind it. This song is all about pussy (so probably not a good idea to listen to this on full blast around, you know your Grandma). But its basically on about the things people will do to get some pussy. Vaginas are extremely powerful, I mean aside from the obvious that you know we have periods every month and babies are born through them. If your mad at your man, tell him the pussy is off limits, and he ends up begging for it! So yeah, praise to the pussy.

Love Galore

This is probably my favourite song off the album, I love how tropical the beat is and its just so summery! This song is about loveless relationships; we’ve all been in them- you know those kind of summer romances, hit it and quit it kinda ones. The ones which you don’t quite know how to end it and you just keep going back to each other for no real reason. But yes this song is great and Travis Scott is great on this record too.


Selena Gomez ‘Bad Liar’

I’ve never really been a big fan of Selena Gomez’s music, I really like her, but just never really got into her music. So when I overheard this on the radio, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this was Selena Gomez’s track. The beat of the song is very similar to Talking Heads ‘Psycho Killer’, so makes for a very catchy track. This song is about trying to hide feelings from someone (who knew I was such a love bug, with all these underlining love meanings), but yeah gives a bit more of an indication to the title Bad Liar. I really appreciate Selena’s vocals in this, and can’t wait to hear more off her.


Harry Styles

Now as I grew up when One Direction came to the limelight, as a sweet 16 year old girl, I obviously had a ‘I love One Direction’ phase. My favourites then (and now) were Zayn and Harry, so when the band split I was intrigued to see where Zayn and Harry would go musically. Zayn Malik, I think, impressed everyone as a solo artist, releasing hit after hit. And although I don’t care much for the other three; Zayn and Harry have been hot on my radar ever since, and I was keen to see what Harry would produce, and well, the boy didn’t disappoint…


I love the power and passion behind this song, you feel it in every beat. Harry’s got such a soulful voice in this song and the guitar is electrifying in it. A really powerful ballad, and very sexy at the same time.

Sweet Creature

Okay, I’m sorry, but this is another underlying relationship song (as they have all been so far, god dammit, who knew I was so sensitive!?) Anyway, this is such a happy go lucky song, and the acoustics on it are great! This song is about a young couple facing difficulties in their relationship, yet they know they belong together, despite the arguments. So its a really sweet song really!


Declan Mc Kenna ‘Brazil’

It took me absolutely ages to track down this song and figure out what the hell it was called! I kept hearing it in random places, just bits of it, and it was driving me insane not knowing who sang it and what it was called! But by some miracle, I managed to figure it out and I’m so relieved I now know who is the mastermind behind this song.

This song is undoubtedly catchy, with fantastic vocals and guitar. I feel its a song I will never get bored of, due to the uniqueness of Declan’s voice. Its a clever, witty and sonically pleasing tune.


Banks ‘Goddess’

I hadn’t properly listened to Banks, and this song really swayed me to check her out, as its just empowering and different. The intro sounds a bit like the music at the spa, but then the vocals and bass kick it and it turns into this amazing, vibrant and empowering song. Its definitely a song to make you feel amazing about yourself, for whether your dealing with a break up, or just need a kick up the back side and in realising your worth.


Blaenovan ‘Orthodox Man’

I overheard this on Radio One the other day, and immediately fell in love with this song. Its such a summery, feel good track. I love the oohs and ahhs in the pre chorus, before it really kicks in to this upbeat chorus that just makes you want to jump around like a gazelle. A really great summer song, perfect for driving along to.


Miley Cyrus ‘Malibu’

Oh Miley the country singer is back in business; its a party in the USA! Miley has such a mesmerising country voice and I’m so glad she’s gone back to her roots. Okay so she had some bangers on her album, actually called Bangerz (with a z not an s), but nothing compares to this Miley. This song is so raw and pure, and its been on repeat ever since it came out.


I hope you liked this music review and please do check out some of these amazing hits!

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend 🙂

Love Always,



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What I Learnt On A Social Media Break

Hi guys!

Today’s post is a bit of a different one, as I am going to be talking about my mini break; my social media break.

Last month I realised how much of my time was consumed by aimless scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and I thought what am I actually achieving here? I would, without knowing, waste about 2 hours doing nothing but scrolling, and all I’d be left with was a deflated feeling. I decided that enough was enough, and wanted to have a life outside of my phone and bad social media habits. So I removed apps from my phone, I also removed apps from my home screen, so I wasn’t tempted to go on them and when I got home from work I left my phone on silent upstairs.

What I discovered from this whole process was how much I can do when I’m not on my phone and how much happier I am not getting so caught up in the social media world. Okay so now I sometimes feel like a recluse and have no idea with whats going on or if something is trending, but that’s about it. Social media is a way to escape from reality, but why did I want to escape from it? I’m very happy with my life, and I was miserable when I was looking on social media sites comparing my life and the way I look to people I don’t even know. I can enjoy spending time with loved ones without having to portray an image, having to think about posting something. I no longer have the Instagram panic of “I haven’t posted for 3 days”– it seems silly to think like that.

When I need a break from reality, I have found new ways to do this, which are actually more beneficial for my health and well-being. I do yoga twice a week now, which is really great in getting my body and mind to balance out again. I talk about things more with friends and family, instead of bottling it in and googling how to cope. I like that I can enjoy myself without having my phone out the whole time and capturing every single moment; instead I am living in the moment.

When I do go on social medai its only for around 15 minutes max and my main social media apps that I now use is Pinterest to get recipe ideas and Buzzfeed because I really like their quizzes (don’t judge). I’ve found enjoyment in losing myself in a book again, and in colouring in my mindfulness book. I got a new one for Christmas that I hadn’t even started, and its so relaxing taking a few hours to do that. I’ve also managed to actually watch TV and films- yes films all they way through without having my phone attached to my side.

Like I always say, I have such a love hate relationship with social media, but what this mini break has taught me, is that my life shouldn’t revolve around it. It wasn’t making me happy scrolling through aimelessly. I still have all my apps yes, but I’m more resourceful in the way I use them. I don’t go on them unless I need to go on them. It’s a last resort, instead of my first go to.

I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend and feel inspired to take a mini break yourself 🙂

Love Always,



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The Hot-list

Hello again!

I’ve been loving so many trends and new pieces for Spring/ Summer and I thought I would share what’s on the hot-list for me personally. These are the hot trends that you need to get on right now!

Statement Earrings

Big earrings are making a strong comeback- the bigger, the better. I remember a time where it was all about the ear gear, and I had fluorescent colours, feathers, earrings bigger than my ears sometimes, and they were all the range! Although nowadays I don’t wear earrings (haven’t worn them for about 4 years) this trend is persuading me to get back out there and purchase some eye catching ear pieces. What I love about this particular trend is the simplicity of the statement. You could throw on some jeans and an off shoulder top, whack on some statement earrings and it immediately will give your outfit that extra ‘wow’ factor! Two high street stores that has been giving me so much inspiration for this trend are none other than Topshop and H&M. My favourites being…


Topshop Earrings: Beaded Earrings  and Circle Disc Earrings. 

H&M Earrings: Gold Plated Earrings and Long Earrings 

I love anything Kate Spade, so had to include these gorgeous Kate Spade earrings as my splurge piece!


Kate Spade Spice Things Up Camel Earrings £76.63

Mellow Yellow

Yellow is everywhere at the moment. Thanks to Solange and her yellow frock from the Met Gala last year (remember this masterpiece), and Beyonce’s album Lemonade and that dress from Beyonce’s music video Hold Up; these Knowles girls got us hooked on yellow! Its a colour many of us tend to shy away from, as it can seem too much, but I’m glad that we are starting to embrace the yellow!

I love this frilled sleeve dress from ZARA. Its a great throw on and go dress (and I love pieces like that- the less tweaking the better). Its simple yet effective, and a bargain at £29.99.


ZARA Frilled Sleeve Dress £29.99

A higher end piece is this breathtaking lemon print maxi dress from Own The Look. I saw this originally on blogger Samantha Maria’s Instagram page and couldn’t get over how amazing it was! Unfortunately this item is out of stock, but sign up to receive alerts on it!


Own The Look Lemon Print Maxi Dress £84.95

My splurge piece for this section is this gorgeous crepe mini dress by Alice + Olivia on Net A Porter. I fell in love immediately with the style of this dress; throwing it back to the 60’s with its mini length. The perfect summer dress.


Alice + Olivia Crepe Mini Dress £240

Gingham Girl

Now I myself don’t feel that I can pull of a gingham dress without feeling or looking like a school girl. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love gingham and haven’t got any lurking in my wardrobe, as it is such a great trend, and one that can be carried through all the seasons. Think gingham trousers for Winter and gingham crops and off shoulder tops for those Spring and Summer months.

ASOS has been the biggest deliverer when it comes to supplying those gingham goods, but my favourites have to be…

Off Shoulder Jumpsuit £35its cute, its fun and its the perfect Spring Summer piece for us UK folk– where we don’t know when the heavens are going to open up! Its also a piece you can get away with from going from day to night in these months too. Team this in the day with some black suede sliders, and for night- some tie up sandals and a leather jacket.


ASOS Off Shoulder Gingham Jumpsuit £35

Daisy Street £24.99- This is a shirt that can be worn throughout all seasons, its another throw on effortless piece (my favourite), and just looks great thrown with some jeans, or with some dungarees (dress or trouser version), and is so easy to style. I also love that its red, as I feel the red makes it look more mature (and less school girl, which is great for me).


Daisy Street Relaxed Skirt £24.99 via ASOS

Leaving ASOS behind (for now), Topshop also caught my attention for providing these dreamy frill hem gingham trousers. They can be worn for work, or causally and just again a really easy piece to style- like all gingham pieces are. I think that’s why I love this trend so much; as the gingham is statement enough and it requires little effort to style.


Topshop Gingham Frill Hem Trousers £25

Slogan Tees

I was on a mission this year to sort out my top collection. I just seemed to have 15 of the same tops in different shades- black, white and striped- that’s it. Which is great for in winter when I’m layering outfits, but I always come to the same predicament year in, year out when it gets a bit warmer and I can bare my arms- and I have nothing inspiring. So, this year I was determined to sort out my t-shirt problem and so far I’ve got quite a nice and varied collection, but the type of tops I have really been loving are slogan tees.

Mango have been amazing in supplying such reasonable and catchy, and downright inspiring slogan tees- and this is where I have purchased the vast majority of mine from. My favourites are…

The only problem I’m finding with these slogan tee, is that I seem to like all the white coloured ones, and for clumsy me, it’s really testing me.

My splurge piece is no other than that Gucci top– its everywhere but I still love it.


Gucci £285

Embroidered Excellence

I have been loving all things embroidered. For non floral wearer (glasses and afro problems- look like a granny), this is my perfect loop hole to incorporate florals into my wardrobe in a subtle way.

I’ve been loving these strappy heels from Missguided, they can make a simple LBD a bit more daring with these shoes.


Missguided Embroidered Heels £35

But of course, ASOS have once again been my queens when its come to doing embroidered right and there are so many pieces I’ve been loving.

From the more higher end of the spectrum, I’ve fallen for this Floral Leather Jacket– its perfect for Spring and jazzing up and outfit. A bit more pricey, but its definitely an investment.


ASOS Curve Floral Embroidered Leather Biker Jacket £200

I also love love love this mini dress– its so captivating and beautiful! And I really need an occasion to wear this to, just so I can purchase this (I’m open to invitations). Its got a 60’s vibe and is fun and flirty.


ASOS Embroidered Mini Dress £75

Coming back down to earth, in prices, I love this frill sleeve shirt from Pretty Little Thing via ASOS. It’s so cute and the perfect Spring piece. I’d team this with some red heeled courts, frayed cut off jeans and oversized jacket.


Frill Sleeve Shirt £20 Pretty Little Thing via ASOS

So those are the things on my hot list for this Spring/Summer.

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

Love Always,



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May Favourites and Highlights


I hope you are all really well! I can’t quite believe we are in June- where has the time gone?! May has been a really lovely and hectic month for me. There’s been birthdays upon birthdays and I’ve been up to my eyeballs with work. Remember when I said I was going stop online shopping? Yeah I’m back on it (guilty), but when you see the pieces you’ll understand why I just had to get them! Plus, I really needed some going out clothes- as its usually for a special occasion I wanted to look and feel fab!

I hope you’ve had an amazing month and enjoy this post 🙂

Beauty School Dropout

  • Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash £3.19

I’ve been breaking out in spots for the most of this year (I made it through my teenage years without them, and now they decide to attack me)?! So in a bid to beat the breakouts, I wanted to up my skincare routine and get a light, yet effective facial wash to use as part of my night time routine. After spending a good 15 minutes crouched on the floor in Superdrug reading the backs of the facial washes, I opted with this Neutrogena one, and no not just because its pink (well that was partly the reason). The main reason why I did opt for this one, over the others, was because it said that it would purify the skin without leaving it dry, which is what I find tends to happen when using a facial wash. This smells so good and is light on the skin, and makes a lovely creamy lather. It also comes off easily and my skin is looking more radiant.


  • The Ordinary Primer £4.00

So if your a big ASOS lover (like me), then you’ve probably seen this flash up a bunch of times on your feed. Its also been featured on quite a few vloggers and bloggers feeds to- so why are we loving this so much? I thought I would see what the big hype was all about. With it being free of parabens, sulphates and minerals, its gentle on skin. Whereas most primers are tinted- this one was white, moisturiser colour, which initially sent me into panic mode and I thought it was going to lighten my skin- but it made no difference to my skin tone, but it did make a difference in reducing blemishes and giving my make up that flawless look.


  • Maybelline The Falshies Mascara £7.99

I saw this advertised in Cosmpolition, and happened to be on the hunt for a new mascara. As much as I love my Max Factor one, I felt like I was constantly buying them, as they get used up quite quickly. I wanted a mascara to still give me the wow factor for my eyes, to be affordable and not to run out quite quickly– and so far? This one is ticking all my boxes. The curve of the brush really lengthens lashes and makes my eyes pop. As I wear glasses, I sometimes feel that my eyes can get lost behind the lens, but this really made my eyes stand out. Its not too overpowering to wear for in the day, but equally is great for a night out, teamed with a strong flick.


  • Milani Eye Tech Bold Liquid Eyeliner £6.99

I wanted an eyeliner that in one application gave me the perfect flick– I wanted it to stand out! I’d been recommended to use Milani products before, as they are cruelty free as well as being great value for money. I was very impressed with how quickly this product arrived and instantly loved it! Its so easy to use and makes my getting ready time much quicker. It glides over your eyelids perfectly and is really captivating. I will definitely be purchasing more products from here in the future.


  • Cantu Hair Cream £8.50

My hairdresser has been advising me to use this ever since I chose to go natural. She said it would be great to leave on overnight when I wrap my hair up and would reduce the amount of breakage, due to years of weaves and relaxing. But of course I thought that my hair would be fine and eventually big clumps of it would stop falling out on wash day. But I finally purchased it, and honestly- the motto of the story is to listen to your hairdresser. I cannot believe the difference in my hair. It looks so much more healthier! The past few wash days have been bliss and I’m not sat with hair covering me- hardly any fell out when I was combing in through and separating it. It was so amazing! I’m doing what my hairdresser told me to do and putting this on in the evening, and when I feel my hair is a bit dry- I use it as a mask. This is something that I don’t think I’d be able to live without now.


  • Birchbox £10

Last week I did a review (see here) all dedicated to my first Birchbox, but this has definitely been one of my favourite pieces purchased in May. It was such a lovely thing to come home to and I was so pleased with all the products supplied. Its just a lovely little pick me up, and I can’t wait for my June one.


Must Have Pieces

  • Black Satin Jumpsuit £32

As I said in my intro, I was really on the hunt for some more going out clothes this month, mainly because of the amount of birthday celebrations going on. A website I have been loving (which I will talk about more later on), is Silkfred, and they supply the best ideas and clothes for going out clothes. I feel I have a strong wardrobe for daytime and smart causal wear (such as causal drinks), but I lack inspiration when it comes to going out out. I really wanted a funky jumpsuit, as you know me, I love a good jumpsuit! And I fell in love with this 80’s disco inspired one. It was so easy to style and I can’t wait to wear this in winter with platform boots and faux fur.


  • Boob Tube Side Split Midi Dress £25

Again, Silkfred sorted me out with another going out delight. I love this dress and it makes me feel so sexy! I was worried that it was going to come up a bit short, as that seems to happen whenever I order dresses, but this hugs my body perfectly. I love that its red, as red is my colour for this year.


  • Floral Wide Leg Trousers £29.99

I really wanted some wide leg trousers for going out, but I was really struggling to find some that didn’t look basic! All of the wide leg trousers on my usual go to sites were block colours of nudes, pinks, camel and khaki, teamed with an equally uninspiring top. It’s not that I don’t dislike these tones, they just don’t suit me and I don’t feel comfortable. Zara being my ever saving grace, delivered when they had heaps and heaps of wide leg trousers that were patterned. As a woman who doesn’t usually opt for florals (like I said before I feel like a granny), I surprised myself that I wanted these. But I really love these trousers! They are the perfect Spring/Summer going out piece, as the material is very light, and the slits keep you cool.


  • Bershka Cropped Trousers with Frill £14.99

I’ve been deliberating about purchasing some frill hem trousers for quite some time now, and finally bit the bullet and just got some. At only £14.99 these trousers were a steal, and as soon as I tried them on, I loved them! They are such an easy piece to style and really works for an effortless look. Although the picture of them is red, I got mine with black, and teamed these with a white oversized shirt, my Chanel inspired heeled pumps, leather jacket and red crossbody bag.


  • Lee Freak Out T-Shirt £25

This was one of those ‘saw it, want it, got it’ moments. A typical Sunday morning scrolling through ASOS, and this flashed up- I loved it and got it right there and then. I was so excited when it arrived, but 10 minutes of having it on and my rabbit got poo on it- I was not impressed. So I haven’t actually left the house in this yet, but I can’t wait to wear this (rabbit not present).



Its been another month of great music, and I may have to do another music review soon, as there has been so much I’ve been loving.

  • Kendrick Lamar

I’m a big Kendrick Lamar fan, and although nothing is every going to compare to his ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ album, I always look forward to new music from him. This month we saw the release of his latest album ‘Damn’. The two songs that have really stood out for me on this album are ‘Humble’ and ‘Loyalty’.


  • Paramore ‘Hard Times’

I was so excited when I learnt that Paramore were making a comeback, I used to love them as a teenager and I love this song ‘Hard Times’ by them. I forgot how captivating Hayley Williams voice is, and it made me go back and listen to Paramore and fall in love with them all over again.


  • Beyonce ‘All Night’

I am such a bad Beyonce fan and haven’t actually sat down, headphones in and listened to Lemonade all the way through, and I really need to! But I was reminded after overhearing this song, how much I love this song and it just gives me goosebumps.



  • Webiste: Silkfred

As I mentioned earlier, I came across Silkfred and am so in love with this website! It has such a wide range of items for every occasion, and I’ve also found the perfect grey knee high boots for Winter (getting organised). So far I have been really impressed with the quality of the clothes and also with the speedy delivery.


  • TV: Riverdale

Yes I have actually made time in my life to watch something on Netflix! Miracles! I didn’t think that I would like Riverdale that much, but turns out I got hooked really quickly and was non stop watching it over the course of a week. It was such a great TV programme and I really hope they do a season 2 (please).


  • Life Lessons from Ex-Friends by Anna Davies @Glamour

I really enjoyed reading this article, as Anna really highlighted how there’s nothing to help you when your dealing with a friendship breakdown. When we think about relationship break downs, we think of a couple splitting or a marriage breakdown, not have two friends falling apart. When I read it, it made me think about past friendships that have just ended for whatever reason, and what I learnt from them. There are a couple of people I hope one day to rekindle that friendship, but sometimes, just like in a relationship, you no longer suit one another. It was a really powerful read.



  • Stratford upon Avon

Wow going here seems ages ago now, but it was only at the beginning of May. I had such a lovely day out going to Stratford and visiting all things Shakespeare. Its such a lovely place to visit, with the tourist attractions of Shakespeare in the town centre, and the tranquillity and quaintness of the village by the river.


  • Craft Event

I was so happy to accompany Bethan to Kirstie Allsop’s Craft Event in Warwick in May. It was something so different and was such a lovely event. Although we missed the day to meet Kirsite, we did see Liz Earle! It was so fun doing the craft workshops, although I really couldn’t get my head around origami and we decided that crepes and coffee were the better options. There were so many amazing stalls and items to be amazed at.


  • Glee Club

I haven’t been to the Glee Club since my friend Ellie’s 21st – two years ago! Its something I really need to go to more, as I always have such a great time at them! The show was hilarious and its just such a great night out.


I hope you’re having a lovely weekend and enjoyed this post!

Love always,



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My First Birchbox!

Hi Guys!

So this month I received my first Birchbox and it was the loveliest thing to come home too- as I didn’t  know what was waiting for me inside!

For £10 a month (excluding delivery fees), you can get an assortment of make up and beauty products to try out. It was really simple to create a profile on Birchbox, and they ask questions to tailor the monthly box to what you want. I was so pleased with everything in my Birchbox and couldn’t wait to try them all out.

So, what did I get?


Mineral Eyeshadow 
Shade- Fifty Shades

RRP £14.49

I haven’t tried this out as of yet, (actually going to try this out tonight for tonight’s antics), but this looks so lovely! Because its a mineral eyeshadow its not going to be as heavy on my eyes, as I never ever get eyeshadow right usually and stay within my safety net of champagne colours. So this will be something different, but will look great I feel when I want a smoky and more mysterious look. I can’t wait to try this out and I’ll be sure to let you know what the verdict is!



Punk Volumizer Mascara

RRP £18

The brush on this mascara is absolutely insane and amazing! It catches every lash and really gives you the wow factor. Its the perfect evening mascara! For me, as a glasses wearer, I often feel my eyes get lost behind the lenses. I feel that they are not the first thing people notice about me when it comes to my make up. So on Monday morning when I had my work colleague’s commenting on how nice my eyes looked, it was lovely to hear- I do have noticeable eyes after all wahoo! Its a really great product; one that I will definitely be investing in myself.


Beauty Protector

Protect & Volume Spray

RRP £18.50

Now this particular product I’m having to rely on my Mum’s verdict. As the clue is in the name- volume. A word that my hair and I do not want any more of. Since my mum has limp and lifeless hair (her words not mine, although I’d have to agree), she’s always keen to try anything going to boost her hair and add some volume. Plus it would cut down the amount of times she visits the hairdressers! Her verdict? So far so good! She says that it smells amazing, and its versatile, so you can use it on both wet and dry hair and it achieves similar results (great for days when your in a rush).


Doux Me

Pure Spring Mist

RRP £16

Now this is something I have been so grateful for over the past few days. We are in a middle of a heatwave over here in the UK (well its been hot for more than one day, so that’s a heatwave for us), and its had us all sweating! To keep me cool and collected though, I’ve been taking this little gem out with me. You can spray it on both your face and body (yes with make up on too), and it instantly gives you that refreshed and cooled feeling you’ve been craving. I took this out with me on Saturday night and was spraying all the girls in the bathrooms faces (one way to make friends I guess!) 

Apologies this is no longer on Birchbox- but is available from Vinted.



Firming Body Cream

RRP £27

This is again a product I haven’t tried out as of yet, but anything to help get rid of blemishes and tones me up without having to go to the gym, then I’m down to try it! I’ve had a sniff of this lotion and it smells dreamy! I can’t wait to try this out and see it work its magic to give me a firm, even skin tone.


Benefit “They’re Real”

Dual Purpose Tinted Lash Primer

RRP £20.50

I’m absolutely obsessed with this product and will be purchasing this as soon as! This mascara lengthened my eyelashes, and gave them that wow factor, and it stayed on all day and night! No drunk tears could even break this mascara! As I don’t really get along with false eyelashes (glasses teamed with clumsiness makes for a disaster), I still want the false eyelash look. So products such as these, are perfect for me, in giving me the desired look I want, without all the fuss.


This is such a lovely monthly subscription to have, and you can cancel at anytime. Its such a great way to try and test products before splurging on loads. (p.s. apologies for the spacing)!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and are having a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend!

Love Always,



Want your own Birchbox? Click here!